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Marsiya video and second trailer from “Yazeed Hazir Ho”

Posted on Nov 30, 2010 06:32:02 PM

For more details on the film click here. You can watch the Marsiya video performed by Erum Akhtar and the trailer below:


Second Trailer: (Click here to see the first trailer)

Just completed a new film on Karbala. Watch trailer and promotional video online.

Posted on Dec 11, 2009 09:18:18 PM assigned a project to me some time back which I happily accepted. The topic was a unique one for me – Karbala!!! An opportunity to present a story about Karbala. What more can a slave of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam ask for? I don’t know if I could do justice to the theme but I did try my best within the given budgets and time. Please let me know how i did…. Watch the trailer and video of a marsiya from the film below and leave a feedback.