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I will not sleep with my boy friends…

Posted on Feb 10, 2010 05:39:39 AM

“I will not sleep with my boy friends any more. I did not know what I was doing.”

This is what a sister from the US had to say after watching my latest film on adultery. The film was well received by world audiences and I have been receiving dozens of emails since the release. Most of them were full of appreciation and thanks and some of them were explicit in saying what effect the film had on them. I am putting down some of the response below.

One email from a brother says:

Brother IBRAHEEM, I hope that you are happy, healthy and everything is fine. So, today’s morning I visit my favorite website ( to see any updated video. So, when the website is open I found a new post named  New film on adultery released! Watch it online. So, I start viewing the video of on above mentioned. When I complete see the two parts of this amazing short-film. I think I have a chance, so that I am cancelling to meet my girl-friend.  Please keep me in your prayers. And ALLAH (SUBHAN WATALAH) may bless you to keep continue your prestigious work.

Yet another one said:

Thank you for the film. It opened my eyes. I will definitely be more careful now onwards…

One brother from UK said:

Amazing film… a very tough topic/issue to tackle. These kind of issues are pretty common in the UK, and we need to push this film to all those people and get the message across.

Well done brother Ibrahim, you have once again donea good job. Thanks brother Zamir at Noore Islam, it really was a brave attempt.

There were many more emails and some comments too. The credit of course goes to brother Zamir Afzal who gave us such a theme to work on and financed the project. His support and ideas were invaluable to us in the production of this film. I hope to do more work with the co-operation of brothers and sisters in future.

Thank you all for the tremendous response. Keep writing to us. You can email me on or you can add comment on my posts.

New film on adultery released! Watch it online.

Posted on Feb 7, 2010 01:05:50 PM

Brother Zamir Afzal of UK has released the film that I recently did for him. The global release on broadcast stations happened yesterday with Noor TV of the UK being the first channel to air it. Renowned TV personality and Ashiq e Rasool Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam, brother Mukhtar ul Mustafa presented the film on Noor TV. Other channels in Europe, US and Pakistan will be airing the film soon.
Brother Zamir Afzal who played a pivotal role in the making of this film by financing this film and also giving his very valuable ideas, thoughts and support, has released the film for online audiences. The film was released on his own youtube channel which I am embedding below for all to watch. Since youtube has a 10 minute duration limit, it was released in two parts of less than ten minutes each.

Watch part 1 of the film and part 2 below that:
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Somebody brave decided to do something about the rising problem of Adultery among Muslims.

Posted on Jan 24, 2010 03:17:46 AM

I am impressed by brother Zamir Afzal’s sincere concern for Muslim brothers and sisters across the world. He saw people falling prey to indecency and fornication. Post marital affairs are rising above all danger levels. He decided to do something about it.

He searched online, found me and gave me the task of making a film that would remind and warn. It was a challenge to do this film. It had to be decent and it had to scare people away from adultery.

I felt that my prime task here was to be able to engage audiences and make the fear of punishment feel real. I have tried and have just finished this film. Am doing the English subtitles for the film now. You can however watch a trailer of the film without subtitles below. The full film with English subtitles will be released by brother Zamir Afzal of

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Watch trailer of the film titled ‘Aik Mauqa’ (‘One chance’ in English)

Promiscuity and Post Marital Adultery – A curse of our times. Watch new film to address this issue soon.

Posted on Jan 16, 2010 08:59:09 AM

Brother Zamir Afzal of recently gave me a mandate to produce a film for him. His goal was clear – he wanted me to make a film that would move people away from the great sin of Adultery. He felt that the issue of adultery especially post marital adultery was becoming so common that the ummah seems to have forgotten the ill effects of this act. He wanted to bring the effects of this major sin to the forefront.

Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam has forbidden this act and warned us that this act takes man (and woman) into the pits of darkness – in this life as well as the hereafter. We have listened to the warner who has always saved us by warning about things that we may not know. We have always benefited from following this warner and the giver of good tidings.

The challenge in this film was to show the effects of ‘Zina’ or adultery and yet remain within the realm of visual decency. Another challenge was to try and scare people away from this act – even those who do not take afterlife seriously. We have tried to do this by showing real life situation in an elevator instead of showing afterlife in a traditional way. We felt that real life situations like getting stuck in an elevator scares people more than traditional situations which they have chosen to ignore or have become immune to.

I have just finished shooting the film and have gone into the post production phase. I should be able to put up the trailer of the film soon. The full film will be released worldwide by Mr. Zamir Afzal of

It was a good effort by brother Zamir to attempt to tackle a burning issue of the ummah. May Allah and his Habeeb Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam be pleased with his noble effort and grant him success in his mission to spread the divine message. May Allah bless us all.

Still from film - 'Aik Mauqa'

Laila Zubairi in the film 'Aik Mauqa'

Khursheed Khan in the film 'Aik Mauqa'