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What is our duty as Muslims on social Media in times that need reconciliation?

Posted on Nov 18, 2013 05:14:39 PM

We can all learn 3 important things from the teachings of the greatest Peacemaker – The Prophet:

1. Having news does not mean that you have to spread it all over.
If you have news that you think can inflame passions, keep it to yourself. Fight that itch to share negative news.

2. Search for news, incidents, etc. that can help people come together. Spread these as much as you can.

3. If you can’t find anything positive to tell (which is next to impossible) make it up!!! Twist the truth if you have to do it in order to bring reconciliation among people. Reconciliation was given topmost priority by the most truthful person on earth – The Prophet. He was the greatest peacemaker there ever was.

We had done a film for last Rabi ul Awwal that highlights the above traits of a peace maker. Watch it and spread this message if you can, and please act on it. This is my sincere appeal to all my Muslim brothers and sisters.

‘Little Genius’ – It takes a genius to unite hearts in a divisive environment from Ibrahim Muhammadi on Vimeo.

This film was aired on television networks and was directed and filmed by Ibrahim Muhammadi. The language is Urdu but English Subtitles were given too…

Share this short film as much as you can. It can save lives.

Posted on Nov 13, 2013 12:43:06 PM

I did this special short film for Muharram and am sharing it with you all – hoping that you will share it with others on your social networks. This story is based on true incidents involving last minute inspirations.

Share this video. It may save a life. Salam Ya Hussain (A.S.) from Ibrahim Muhammadi on Vimeo.