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Muslims must test themselves today!!!

Posted on Aug 9, 2012 08:51:43 PM

Yes we are Muslims… but is our faith genuine? Is there any shade of hypocrisy? Would you want to die with a faith tainted with hypocrisy? The girl in this latest film of mine has these questions and she has very limited time left to get the answers…

Watch this short movie made especially for broadcast on the night of Martyrdom of Maula Ali A.S. The film is now available for online audiences over here and on my youtube channel.

The film is based on a Hadith of the noble Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam that points the way for Muslims to test their faith so that we may know where we stand.
The reference for the Hadith quoted at the end of the film is this: Book 001, Number 0141: (Sahih Muslim)