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Chaining an elephant. Watch this new film and pray for the sponsors.

Posted on May 18, 2011 11:38:03 PM

Baby elephants are chained with a purpose that will be clear in a moment. As babies, they are unable to break these iron chains. These baby elephants try and try to break free from these chains but ultimately leave hope after continuous failure.

When these babies turn into full grown Elephants they are so powerful that they can break these chains with the slightest effort. But they don’t!!! The Elephants think that the chains cannot be broken! They have been trained to think that way from childhood. It is their thought that has made them slaves forever.

If Yazeed had his way, we too would be slaves forever. But Maula Hussain Alayhis Salam intervened. Maula Hussain broke all our mental shackles that enslaved us. Fear and hopelessness are the weapons of tyrants but Imam Hussain Alayhis Salam gave us hope and showed us what fearlessness really meant.

He sacrificed so much. He and others from the family of the Holy Prophet Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam were kept thirsty for days and were slaughtered by the butchers of Yazeed. But Aqa Hussain was the grandson of the noble Prophet and his father was Ali. He practically demonstrated what the Prophet and his family stood for.

He showed us the way in a manner that we can never forget. He is a shining example for us so that we may never think that we cannot escape slavery – so that we may never be like those mighty but uninspired Elephants who have been trained to surrender their freedom.

We recently did a short film on this issue for Al-Haadi Musalla of Toronto. This beautiful concept and story was written by brother Siraj Ali of Al-Haadi Musalla and we did our best to put this on screen as effectively as possible.

The film was sponsored for Eesaal e Thawab of Marhum Yakubali Sabowala, Haiderali Virani and Salim Virani.

I request all viewers to recite Surah Fatiha for them and pray for them and the sponsors. The sponsors have spent in the way of Allah so that the message of the Prophet and his AhleBayt AlayhimusSalam reaches world audiences through the powerful audiovisual media. May Allah bless them for this. Ameen.

Justice for our daughters, please. Watch new video ‘Umme Abeeha’

Posted on May 17, 2011 04:23:50 PM

The noble Prophet of Islam left no stone unturned in expressing his love and affection towards his daughter. His daughter too cared for him so much that the Prophet used to call her his mother or ‘Umme Abeeha’ (The mother of her father)

It is sad to see people still reacting negatively to the birth of a girl especially so when such people are a part of the Ummah of the noble Prophet. How can such people be so cruel to their daughters and yet claim to be in the Nation of the noble one?

I just completed a new video for my client – ‘Such TV’ The video takes a stand for the daughters of the Ummah of the noble Prophet. Such TV stands for the truth and speaks for the truth and this video proves it.

Here is the video. Watch and leave feedback/comments.