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Watch short film to raise funds. May no father have to face this situation.

Posted on Dec 19, 2010 07:22:28 PM

This is a short film that I did as a Director and Cinematographer to help Kauthar TV raise funds for films that will hopefully make society better… Had very little time to design and execute this project but my team and me really put ourselves behind this…
Cast: Adnan Jilani, Saleem Raza, Tamoor Ali, Akash, Erum, Kuku, Lily and others

This film highlights the fact that coming generations learn more from the media than from anything else and we as Muslims have nothing much to show in the audio visual media. We have books and speakers but there is a serious lack of programming and films that can inform and emotionally motivate younger generations to come closer to our cherished values. We are losing the battle in the information age and are failing to transfer Islamic values to the next generation. Things can go very wrong if this trend continues. Act now before it is too late.

Let us make sure that no father has to face this…ever.