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Marsiya video and second trailer from “Yazeed Hazir Ho”

Posted on Nov 30, 2010 06:32:02 PM

For more details on the film click here. You can watch the Marsiya video performed by Erum Akhtar and the trailer below:


Second Trailer: (Click here to see the first trailer)

Yazeed Hazir Ho!! Film on terrorism launching soon… Watch trailer here.

Posted on Nov 24, 2010 03:14:43 PM

Yazeed – the greatest terrorist that ever was. Maula Hussain Alayhis Salaam, the grandson and beloved of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam vanquished this super tyrant with his own sacrifice and proved to the world that love and sacrifice are stronger than terror. Yazeed believed in the power of terror and had no respect for humanity. The martyrs of Karbala were few in number but they vanquished the tyrant and his large army in such a way that the very name of Yazeed has become a cursed name forever.

The hearts of lovers rejoice at the very mention of Aqa Hussain. Maula Abbas is a Ghazi who won the battle of hearts even as he lost his hands and his life trying to get water for Sakina. The accursed henchmen of the accursed Yazeed slaughtered baby Asgher and killed the family of the Prophet.
Their terror had no effect on Maula Hussain Alayhis Salam or his supporters. But the sacrifice of the Martyrs of Karbala has a profound effect even after more than 1400 years. My latest film is a story of such a profound effect on the heart and mind of a criminal.

The film was a project of I was fortunate to serve as the Director and Cinematographer for this film. The cast includes:
Taqi Wasi
Erum Akhter
Khayam Sarhadi
Laila Zubairi
Fazal Hussain (Child Star)
… and many others

“Yazeed Hazir Ho” is a film about the ‘encounter’ of this criminal in Muharram with a Hussaini.The film is a story of Terrorism vs Love and sacrifice and the everlasting effect of Love.

Watch the trailer of the film below and click here to subscribe for FREE to my site to get updates when this film is launched online.