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Completed two films – Two more to go before Ramadan.

Posted on Jul 11, 2010 12:31:22 PM

My sincere apologies to all my audiences for not having posted anything significant in the last few weeks. It’s been quite hectic and we just completed two very important films “Aghosh” and “Fatwaa”. “Aghosh” is a about a young man overcoming his phobia and “Fatwaa” is about hmmm… “terrorism”. One story is about fear turning into love and the other is about hate turning into love.

Meanwhile your emails and feedback have been pouring in. Thank you all for that. I am really on a tight schedule because I have to finish two fund raising films before Ramadan. Both sponsors are close to my heart because they both work for serving humanity. The films that I am doing for them will hopefully move audiences into giving funds to them so that they can serve more people in a better way. Please keep praying that I am able to move people as intended…

Here are some pics from my last two films which will be released by the sponsors themselves.

See below for more pics:

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