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How to be a muslim without praising the Prophet?

Posted on Feb 21, 2010 07:38:34 PM

There are some brainwashed people in this world who think they can be Muslims without ever praising the Prophet. I just realized that this is an impossible mission. Let me narrate the story behind this realization:

Very recently I met a writer and a poet and asked him to write some verses of praise for Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho ALayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam that can be used in my upcoming film for Rabbi ul Awwal. He shocked me. “I have nothing to offer” he said. “I cannot write such verses”

“Why?” I asked.

“I just can’t” said he.

“Please…Please… Please…” I requested.

“No, I can’t” said the poet.

“Don’t you praise the Prophet?” I asked

“Who does not praise him? We all do.” He said.

I remarked point blank – “There are some people among Muslims who think that praising him is wrong. Are you also among them?”

The poet looked at me and touched his ears as if I had spoken something unimaginable. “How can I be among them? Let me write one line of praise that all Muslims must recite – irrespective of caste, creed or sect”. He took a paper and wrote a line and gave me.

Tears flowed upon seeing this one beautiful line of naat (praise of the Prophet). It was indeed a line of praise that no Muslim can ever forgo. In fact a Muslim cannot be a Muslim unless he utters this line of praise for the Prophet.

The line that he wrote on the paper was:

“Muhammad ur RasoolAllah’ meaning “Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah” (Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam)

If this is not praise then what is. This is one beautiful line of praise that says it all. This line of praise purifies the heart and makes a Muslim out of an ordinary mortal. There are so many ways in which this naat can be recited. The words remain the same but the sense in which they are recited is different in each of the cases below:

“Muhammad is the (beloved) Prophet of Allah”

“Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. (and he is chosen by Allah)”

“Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. (and Allah himself has raised his position)”

“(My grand teacher) Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.”

“(My benefactor) Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.”

“Muhammad (The one whose name I recite day and night) is (none other than) the Prophet of Allah”

“Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. (And I am his slave)”

“Muhammad is (nothing less than) the Prophet of Allah.”

“(The truthful) Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.”

“(The kind and beneficient) Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.”

“Muhammad is the (all powerful) Prophet of the (all powerful) Allah.”

There are umpteen more ways in which this line of praise can be rendered. May countless blessings of infinite Allah be upon the noblest creation Muhammad and his progeny.

You might be wondering why the poet refused to write a naat earlier. I too asked him this question and he quoted these lines from the poetry of Mian Muhammad Baksh as a reply:

Kee kuchh naat tussadee aakhaan
Khalqat day sardaara
Laakh salaat salaam teray tay
Laakh durood hazaaraa

How can I praise you?
O Best of all Creation!
Millions of blessings upon you!
Billions of salutations upon you!

Sukhan nahin koii hunda mehkee
Terii shaan qadr daa
Taha tay Yasin Ilaahi
Sift tusaadee kardaa

I have no words of praise
To commensurate with your status
“Ta Ha” and “Ya Sin” The Lord
Calls you with these qualities!

Bahut izzat lawlaakii tehnoo
Kii main sift sunaawaa
Aal Ashaab samait salaama
Hor durood puchaavaa

”But for thee” is enough praise for thee
Which qualities of thine can I add?
Millions of blessings be upon you
And upon your Progeny and Companions!

The transliteration and translation of the poetry of the great Sufi Saint Mian Muhammad Baksh is taken from the article written here by Asif Naqshbandi.

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  1. Mumtaz Ali T. Sayyed Said,

    Muhammed hai mataa-eAlam-e-ijaad se pyara
    Pidar madar biradar maal wa jaan aulad se pyara

    Muhammed ki muhabbat deen-e-haque ki sahrt-e-awwal hai
    isi me ho khaami to sab kuch naamukammal hai.

  2. Asif P Said,

    u r wrong. Muhammad Rasoolallah is not praise. It is kalma.

  3. Ebrahym Said,

    @Mumtaz – Wah brother Mumtaz Wah!!!

    @Asif – You are right but not entirely brother Asif. Muhammad ur RasoolAllah is a declaration of faith (Kalima) but the words are definitely praising him too.

    No english speaking individual can deny that these words praise the beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallah Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam.

    So I guess no one can be a muslim unless he utters these words of praise.

  4. Qaiser Said,

    Brother Asif, for a while, lets agree to what you said, that Muhammadur RasoolAllah is not a word of praise. But what do you think about the name MUHAMMAD?? what does this name mean? It means “Praised one; praiseworthy”. Now what do you have to say about this brother?
    The name Muhammad itself is a word of praise MashaAllah.

    I would just like to add to what you said earlier Brother Ebrahym. As you said a muslim has to praise the Prophet by saying Muhammadur Rasool Allah S.A.W. Similarly, a person has to kss this name TWICE before saying it. Lips meet when we say the letter “M”. Allah has kept such a beautiful name of His Beloved Prophet S.A.W.

    People who try to find flaws in the best of the Creation, let me ask them could they find flaw in Quran? No. What is Quran? Quran is Muhammad. Could they find flaw in Kaaba? Kaaba is Muhammad. Jannah is Muhammad. Muhammad is created from Allah’s Noor and everything else is created from the Noor of Muhammad S.A.W

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