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New film on adultery released! Watch it online.

Posted on Feb 7, 2010 01:05:50 PM

Brother Zamir Afzal of UK has released the film that I recently did for him. The global release on broadcast stations happened yesterday with Noor TV of the UK being the first channel to air it. Renowned TV personality and Ashiq e Rasool Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam, brother Mukhtar ul Mustafa presented the film on Noor TV. Other channels in Europe, US and Pakistan will be airing the film soon.
Brother Zamir Afzal who played a pivotal role in the making of this film by financing this film and also giving his very valuable ideas, thoughts and support, has released the film for online audiences. The film was released on his own youtube channel which I am embedding below for all to watch. Since youtube has a 10 minute duration limit, it was released in two parts of less than ten minutes each.

Watch part 1 of the film and part 2 below that:

Watch part 2 of the film:

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  1. Pakistani Mujahid Said,

    Allah Humma Sala Ala Syedna Wa Molana Muhammaddin

  2. Mohammad Ikram Said,

    Amazing film… a very tough topic/issue to tackle. These kind of issues are pretty common in the UK, and we need to push this film to all those people and get the message across. Well done brother Ibrahim, you have once again donea good job. Thanks brother Zamir at Noore Islam, it really was a brave attempt.

    Keep it up guys…..

    Mohammad Ikram @ ITHADchannel

  3. Arsalan Ahmed Siddiqui Said,

    Aaj ki sitam guzeeda or madiyat guzeeda insaniyat ko Islamk taryaq ki ashad zarurat he::::::::::::

    Ilagh e aama k tulba khususan or tamam muslims amuman is film ki mo’as’sa iblagh se yaqeenan faiz payen ge::::::::::::::; zarurat is ammar ki he k aese maaqey peda kiye jayen k jesey zaraye iblagh zyada mashrey pe asar kren or iskey liye zaruri he k mazeed aesei idaron or iblagh karoon ki tadad me izzafa ho:::::::::::::; q k aaj jis tezi k sath shetani tafreehi zaraye iblagh e aamma me izafa ho raha he us k muqabley me hm nojawanon tk apni iblagh aatey me namak k barabar puhcha rhey hen:::::::::: or aesey idaron me izafey se aek fayida ye bh hoga k mjh jese chotey motey iblagh kaon ko bhi mawaqey dastyab ho jayen ge:::::::::::::::;

  4. Zeeshan Said,

    very nice film. May allah save all muslims (including me) from sins and forgive our intensional and unintensional sins and mistakes. Ameen

    keep it up i like ur strive. GOD bless you

  5. Syed Aftab Mehdi Said,

    Insan ke Har Sans Ek Qadam Hai jo Usay Mout ki Taraf Barhaye Liaye Ja Raha Ha.
    Hazart Ali (A.S)
    Ref: Nihjul Blagha Jild (iii) Page 824.

    May Allah provide us His “Toufeeq” to leed our our lives accordingly as required by Him.

  6. naveed Said,

    Salam alakium !!

    brother congratulations on such a nice achievement. and thank you for spreading the message of truth, May Allah bless you with his greatest blessings

  7. Qaiser Said,

    JazakAllah Ebrahym bhai. Well done. Very nice movie. I believe such kind of punishment is not only given to a person who is just involved in a sin like adultery but a person involved in drinking alcohol, a person who holds wealth & does not spend in the way of Allah, Unlawful hold over someone’s property.. and many more. Am I Right Ebrahym bhai?

    Allahuma Salli wasallim ala Syedna Muhammad wa ala Aal-e-Syedna Muhammad

  8. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you all. @Qaiser-The noble Prophet Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam has warned us of punishments before we meet them. That is one of his great favors. He cared about us and so he warned us. You are right – He has also warned us about hoarding unlawful wealth and holding back others’ property. Also about drinking Alcohol and other sins. He has also given good tidings to those who do good and spend in the way of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.
    I hope to make films on other punishments and rewards with the co-operation of brothers and sisters across the world in the near future. May Allah bless Brother Zamir Afzal for financing this project on Adultery. I have received many emails from people who have decided to give up adultery after seeing this film. Many others have started thinking in that direction. May Allah guide us all for the sake of his beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam.

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  10. Mansoor Ahmed Said,

    thank’s for this sort of movie, hope so many peoples realize this.but unfortunately say this comments we not like this peoples.

    Allah Azawajal forgive us to leave the sin.
    Allah Azawajal give us Iman to end of the day of life.

    Assalat o Wassalam o Aliqa Ya Rasool Allah
    Wa Ala Alika Wa Ashabika Ya Habib Allah

    Chalo Medina Chaltey Hain

  11. Rashid Tanweer Said,

    How about such a film about
    1. showing respect to the parents
    2. Homosexuality in Pakistan (We all know its very common especially in the madrassas)
    3. pornography over the internet
    4. Television without restriction (Cable TV showing channels with illicit material and Mujras) + Mujras coming in CDs
    5. Showing no respect to customers
    6. Showing respect to fellow humans no matter how poor they are
    7. Taking care of neighbors
    8. Drug usage
    9. Following Fake peers and Sufis
    10. Believing in Palmistry and other such things
    …. i feel like the list is going to be very big, if i keep on writing what has penetrated into our society ….
    i suddenly feel very ashamed belonging to such a bad, dark and evil society….May Allah protect us

  12. Aicha Yusuf Said,


    i like all your videos but this one wasn’t as good as i expected.

  13. Ebrahym Said,

    @Rashid – it is true that we do have a long list of evils that we can focus on. And it is true that it can be very depressing.
    But then there is goodness around us too. We are lucky to be in the ummah of the great teacher and noble Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam. His shining persona lights up the darkness that we see around us today. We need to spread his love so that more and more people see this light.
    Your ideas are good and I do hope I get producers/financiers who will help make films on these topics as well as on the theme of spreading the love for the beloved of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’Ala.

    @Aicha – Thank you for speaking out. It will be helpful if you can write to me and let me know precise reasons why this film fails. Please email me a detailed critique on the film if possible so that I get insight that is useful for future films. My email is

  14. umair Said,


    great work..our new generations have to be aware of the life after death…..great work keep it up..Allahumma sallee ala muhammad….

  15. Adeel Said,

    Jazakallah Khair. Excellent work.

  16. sharif khan Said,

    ye film dfekh kar to rooh kaanmp jati hai. insha allah gunahon se bachenge. aamin

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  20. Shahid Khan Said,

    Good work, I am sure lots of people who watch this will immediately start refraining from adultery … it’s a must watch for our youth … I follow your videos … you are doing a great job … keep it up … May Allah give you jazah for this and may everyone of us follow the true teachings of Islam as taught by our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H)


  21. Syed Kamal Wasti Said,


    May Allah bless all of the people who are involved in this devine service.

    Jazak Allah.

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  23. muzammil Said,

    asalamualaikum,u need to learn knowledge of islam no doubt ur intension is good .background music or any music is forbidden .display of women is also forbidden.take fatwa from a mufti then create a movie

  24. muzammil Said,

    asalamualaikum,dear no person can play the role of angel its haraam .in the video gulam rasool u have done it.i pray for ur guidance. plz stop misguiding ppl.plz take a fatwa .show that on ur site.otherwise i wont critizing ur site.mistakes:showing women2.music3.person playing role of angel

  25. Muhammad Rauf Said,


    Thanks for the everything you are doing to bring muslim ummah on the right patch……. but half of the movie is correct and half of it needs to be amended the punishment which a zani gets is:
    His head will be crushed by the angels with a bigh peice of rock hitting against his head and when his head becomes in its original shape again, the angels will do the same activity with him and he will be found eating a rotten meat smelling bad instead of fresh and tasty meat which is also available to him……………..these are the punishments which a person gets who commits adultery…….so please do check the authenticity of the grave punishment first before bringing it to live.

  26. Moarif Said,

    Very Nice

    I have no words to explain my inner emotions. A complete preaching, A complete lesson, A short film having a lesson for our entire life. so cute…

    Allah ham sab ki hidayat farmayen.

  27. saadoun Said,

    salam mashallah very nice video makes you think but no offence i know this is what will happen if we do these kind of sins but shouldnt islam be taught n put in to peoples heart not scared n feared in to, islam means peace ….shouldnt we look at the bright side of islam not the dark side yer we should tell one and another bout the after life of a non believer and a believer but most importantly we should teach people the beauty of islam more then scaring people in to islam i understand what you are trying to do it makes you think for a lil while but personally videos of dressing up like angels and good angels well its abit wrong our prophet muhammed pbuh taught us the beauty of islam and yes he told us what awaits a non believer but mainly he taught us the beauty of islam the true islam….please do not take this comment as offence or an argument keep it up but lets teach islam bout the good side not….may allah bring peace and blessings upon you salam

  28. Ebrahym Said,

    @saadoun – appreciate your comment and agree with it to an extent. The aim of the sponsors of this film was to warn rather than ‘scare’ believers. The Prophet did teach us the beauty of Islam but we are thankful to him also for warning us. He knows what we don’t know and he did warn us believers about the pitfalls that lie in our path. Adultery is a major sin which is being committed even by believers today in many societies. This film is to catch their attention and remind us of the warning so that we may be saved. Having said that, I would be more than happy to work on films that focus on the Prophet’s message of love and beauty. Is any sponsor/producer listening??

  29. Nasrine Said,

    Mashallah what a great job. Amazing video and very frightening . May Allah protects us and guide us in the right path and spares us from any kind of bad temptation. Ameen.

    We should also remember to send Darood Shareef on our loving Rasoolullah Swalallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (pbuh) everyday and to do astagfirullah always.

    Ramadan Mubarak

    Keep it up!

  30. Most Sinfull Person Said,

    Thank you so Much form making this film and given me the awareness ….. i am very sinfull and i Promise to My ALLAH that i will never commit any thing like this in my Future Life….Thank you please Pray for me that ALLAH will forgive my sin

    Jazak ALLAH for every person who take part in this movie in any way.

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