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Somebody brave decided to do something about the rising problem of Adultery among Muslims.

Posted on Jan 24, 2010 03:17:46 AM

I am impressed by brother Zamir Afzal’s sincere concern for Muslim brothers and sisters across the world. He saw people falling prey to indecency and fornication. Post marital affairs are rising above all danger levels. He decided to do something about it.

He searched online, found me and gave me the task of making a film that would remind and warn. It was a challenge to do this film. It had to be decent and it had to scare people away from adultery.

I felt that my prime task here was to be able to engage audiences and make the fear of punishment feel real. I have tried and have just finished this film. Am doing the English subtitles for the film now. You can however watch a trailer of the film without subtitles below. The full film with English subtitles will be released by brother Zamir Afzal of

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Watch trailer of the film titled ‘Aik Mauqa’ (‘One chance’ in English)

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  1. abdul Said,


  2. Qaiser Said,

    Awesome trailer. Unique idea. An issue which is usually ignored and not taken care of. Its going to be as nice as your previous films. May Allah bless you and Zamir sahab.

    Ebrahim bhai you have created a history. This work of yours is certainly a Sadqa Jaariya and will be a source of guidance for the coming generation. This is the true picture of Islam. The Islam of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

  3. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you for your appreciation and nice comments Qaiser Sb. I am not worthy of such comments. The credit also goes to my team who work with me tirelessly on such projects. I and my team can only work when sponsors like Zamir Sb sponsor such projects and well wishing brothers like you encourage us with your feedback and response.

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  6. Ali Bhatti Said,


    I showed this film to about 40 teenagers at my local masjid’s Islamic School. Some of them were fooling around with women, drugs, dances, etc.

    They were all extremely inspired and some were moved to tears. I’ve watched this over and over and have shown countless people from youngsters to elders and they’ve all been moved.

    May Allah reward you all immensely! Amin!!!

    PS: The movie on Why do we pray Namaz was such an amazing success that I’ve gotten teachers, students, parents, children, and many who don’t even understand Urdu to watch it. I really, REALLY appreciate the sub-titles as my Urdu is horrible and I’ve been moved to tears watching the films due to the excellent English sub-titles.

    May Allah reward you all immensely and guide all the producers, actors, actresses, etc. ameen!

    Ali from California

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