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New challenging film completed. Trailer goes online.

Posted on Dec 2, 2009 03:26:22 AM

It’s been quite a while that I have posted anything. I admit I have been very busy with some great projects. In fact I just completed a film that I made for dear brother Mukhtar-ul-Mustafa. The shoot was hectic and challenging because I was doing the photography and also directing the actors. But the end result was good. At least that’s what I think. Watch the promo of the film and let me know what you think. This is only the trailer/promo and the entire film will be released by Mr. Mukhtar-ul-Mustafa as and when he decides to do so.

Please pray for me as I am currently doing some more really challenging film projects. I hope I will be able to do justice to the grand themes.

Enjoy, share and give me your feedback…

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  1. Taiba Said,

    Mashallah this look like a really good film, i can’t wait until it is released, any idea when and where it will be released? as i’d love to see it.

    Mashallah brother you are doing a very very very good job and i pray that Allah (SWT) helpe’s you with this project and rewards you in both this life and the next. All the films are very very professionally made which adds to the message. I have to say the 1st one i saw was on Noor TV and its my fav one is “Darood Kyah Hai”.

  2. Sohail Jaffry Said,

    Really its a excellent work ibrahim bhai.Mola app ki tufiqat mai aur izafa karay.its a very impressive way to mold the youth intrest into naat, manqabaat and ziyaraat..I love to watch this video.plz do let me inform when it will be released.

  3. Mudassir Dossal Said,


    Subhan allah

    Excellent Direction , GR8 topic……
    Bro, If possible 4 u, so plz send m yr contact #.

  4. Qaiser Said,

    Great trailer. Nice idea. Cant wait to watch the full film. I’m sure its going to be as nice as the previous films. May Allah bless you.

  5. Khalid Said,

    Bhai jan! ye bataiye ke woh konsa firqah he jo qabr par jana shirk kehta he or Rasool (SAW) ke roza mubarak pe hazri ko shirk kehta he. mene aaj tak aese firqah ke baare me nahi suna. or yeh bhi bata dijiye ke wo firqah konse mulk me he. Shukriya.

  6. Mumtaz Ali T. Sayyed Said,

    A very good concept & a very great effort in which you seem to have suceeded. The photography is good, dialougues are correct & timely. Emotional film. I cant wait longer to watch complete film.
    This is indeed a great reply to group of peoples who say it is Shirk to visit Roza-e-Aqdas (sallallaho alahi wa sallam). Jazak Allah Ebrahim Sahab..Marhaba…

  7. Mumtaz Ali T. Sayyed Said,

    Khalid Sahab, Shayad aap ne kabhi akhbaar nahi padha hai. Hindustan me aur Pakistan me aur saari dunya me khususan Ahle Arab me ye Shirk aur bidaat ki bimaari failii hui hai.Ye Maaz Allah Rassol-e-Khuda (Sallallahu Alahi Wa Sallam) ko Allah ka Gair samjhte hai… aur un par salaam bhejhna shirk samjhte hai…App (Sallallahu Alahi Wa Sallam) ki yaum-e-paidaish ko manana bidaat kehte hai. Aise firqe ko Ahle Haddes, ya Wahabi, ya Deobandi firqah kehte hai… Hum Alhamdo lillah Ahle Sunnat wa jmaat se hai jo ke sahi aqida hai aur Sarkar (Sallallahu Alahi Wa Sallam) ko Allah ka gair nahi samajhte.

  8. Qaiser Said,

    Khalid bhai. Mumtaz bhai jo bata chukay hain wohi sahi hai lekin aap zyada duur na jain. aap zakir naik ko to jantay hi hongay. Is video main jo us ne Rasool Allah S.A.W ki gustakhi ki hai us ko bhi sunain aur Mazaar pe janay ko haram kaha hai usay bhi sunain. us badbakht ke alfaaz pe ghor karna jo us ne Rasool Allah S.A.W ke liye use kiye hain. Yeh link hai video ka.

  9. Khalid Said,

    Mumtaz sahab or Qaiser sahab! Agr wahaabi qabr pe jana shirk kehte hen or durood parhna shirk kehte hen to woh dusre logon ko Aap(SAW) ke Roza-e-Mubarak ki ziyarat ki ijazat kiun dete hen. me 2 years Saudi Arab me raha hoon. mene khud apni aankhon se wahaabi or deobandi ko durood parhte or qabr pe jaate dekha he. woh log qabr waalon se maangna shirk kehte hen, qabr pe jana shirk nahi kehte. Agr yaqeen na aaye to khud wahaabi or deobandi ki kitaaben utha ke dekhen, har kitab ke shuru men aap ko durood milega.

  10. Murtaza Said,

    Brother Qaiser then what about the facts and ayaat he quotes in this speech? and sahih bukhari ahaadith he quotes?

    Mind you I’m not wahabi… Just curious about your point of view and others.

    Neither am I Dr.Naik’s fan or advocate. Mein sirf yeh poochna chahta hun k dr.naik jo is video mein hadees bayan kar rahe hain aur kehte hain k Quran Majeed mein ayat hain jahan yeh mana kiya gaya hai us barey mein kya kaha jaye?

  11. Ebrahym Said,

    @Murtaza – I am a film maker and I receive many written scripts and stories every week. My interpretation of the script is way different from the interpretation of my colleagues. In fact each of our interpretations regarding the script is totally unique. If each of us is given the same script to produce we will all come up with a unique film each. Each of the films will be drastically different from the other based on how we interpreted the script.
    The actors style and delivery will again change things drastically. Two different actors delivering the same lines can still convey very different meanings. Dr. Zakir Naik interprets the written words in his own way and style which may be very different than the meaning intended by the author.
    The intention of the author has to be kept in mind in this case. Can Allah ever intend to belittle his beloved?

  12. Shahzad Said,

    Thee ‘alone’ we worship, Thee ‘alone’ we ask for Help – Al Fatiha
    The Messenger’s duty [i.e. Our Messenger Muhammad whom We have sent to you, (O mankind)] is but to convey (the Message). And Allâh knows all that you reveal and all that you conceal – Surah Al-Ma’idah V – 99
    Book 001, Number 0013: It is narrated on the authority of Abu Ayyub that a man came to the Prophet (may peace be upon him) and said: Direct me to a deed which draws me near to Paradise and takes me away from the Fire (of Hell). Upon this he (the Holy Prophet) said: You worship Allah and never associate anything with Hi…m, establish prayer, and pay Zakat, and do good to your kin. When he turned his back, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) remarked: If he adheres to what he has been ordered to do, he would enter Paradise.

    “Never associate anything with Allah”

  13. Jinal Mehta Said,

    Pls,pls,pls help me out with this movie link, i want to see this movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss helpppppppp

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