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Language of Lovers or Shirk/Idolatry?

Posted on Oct 8, 2009 07:34:09 AM

A brother was brainwashed by an ideology that considers praise to be shirk. He raised many ‘objections’ on this site as well as on my youtube uploads. Click here to read his ‘objections’ and my replies. You too can add more points to this debate. You can join the debate on youtube too.

It is our inner intention that makes the difference between praise and shirk. If I praise someone considering him to be independent of Allah then it will be shirk. Otherwise I can shower any amount of praise and still not be a mushrik.

Have you heard lovers talk?
Read below for more on how Lovers talk.
If you have never been in love you will call the language of lovers as nonsense or even shirk. The problem is not with the lovers or their language. The problem is with the hardness of your own heart that fails to understand their language. Do not try and search for logic in the lovers’ words. You will only find love, love, love…. I am not saying that there is no logic in the words of lovers. It’s only that the logic is understood by other lovers and not all and sundry.

Can you even imagine that the Merciful Allah would throw away all your good deeds because you show disrespect for his beloved? This is what Allah says in the Quran. There is no apparent logic for logic seekers here because this is the language of lovers.

Can you imagine that Allah will forgive the sins of those who show respect for his beloved? Logic seekers will ask, “But Lord, they are sinners…”. But then this is the language of lovers. Allah says in the Quran that he will forgive the sins of those who show respect for his beloved.

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  1. mohammad zeeshan Said,

    asalam o alikum..!!!!!!!!!
    i like ur website very much…. and u all are doing very well job………..

  2. Mumtaz Ali T. Sayyed Said,

    Majnu once was kissing the foot of a dog. People laughed at him & said what are you doing it is dog. Majnu said uoi will not understand this dog has come from street of Laila my beloved therefore i am kissing its feet in Laila’s Love as it reminds me of Laila. Logic has nothing to do with Love. But Love is full of Logics within it.

  3. amna Said,

    muje ye web site bohat achi lagi i really like its all videos

  4. Haider Bilgrami Said,

    Bohat Achay maqasid hain aap kay, Allah aap ko Kamyabi say humkinar karay, aur Sadqae Rasool o aalay Rasool k hum sab ka khatma bil khair karay. Shabaash aur jeetay raho.

  5. muhammad abdullah Said,

    assalam u alikum mujay ye web sit bauhat achi lagi ha

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