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10 signs that say you are falling prey to an inhuman ideology – the so called new ‘Islam’.

Posted on Sep 19, 2009 01:07:38 PM

Are you falling prey to propaganda that is trying to spread an inhuman ideology that they call Islam? This so called Islam is devoid of all humanity and anything concerning humanity or humans is considered shirk or idolatry. The creators of this inhuman ideology were actually targeting Allah’s best creation – Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s blessings be upon him and his household). Their aim was to create an Islam minus Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s blessings be upon him and his household).

You would have definitely encountered their propaganda and the questions that they sowed in the minds of muslims. Lovers and adorers of the Prophet would never fall for such propaganda against the Prophet but if you still want to check if this ideology made any room in your psyche then here are 10 signs that you can check for. You have been affected if…

1. You hate saying ‘Thank You’ from the depths of your heart to someone who has done something for you. You feel all thanks is for Allah alone and hence you feel thanking a human is shirk.

2. You don’t praise the goodness in any one because all praise is for Allah alone

3. You have no friends or very few friends. After all who would want to be friends with someone who neither appreciates nor thanks any goodness. The only friends you probably have are trying to change your attitude towards life and people.

4. You don’t like poetry because you feel poetry exaggerates the goodness of people.

5. You don’t like art forms because you feel only Allah can create…

6. You can’t believe it when someone tells you that Allah will throw away all your good deeds (Namaz, roza, hajj, zakat, etc) if you show even the slightest disrespect to the Prophet. Click here to see the ayat of the Quran that says so.

7. You keep praying namaz and keep fasting but do not realize that you are doing so because the Prophet said so.

8. You are offended when someone tells you that you might as well pray namaz in english if you don’t love the Prophet.

9. You scream ‘SHIRK….” when you see my Ramadan prayer.

10. You think that reciting Durood cannot cure illnesses or solve problems. But you readily believe that reciting Surah Fateha over an ill person can cure the illness.
You don’t realize that in the Quran, Allah has very specifically and categorically asked believers to send Durood on Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s blessings be upon him and his household)

There are more signs too. In fact I have listed 15 questions that were spread among Muslims via propaganda. If you identify with any one of them you are at risk. Immediately ask the righteous ulema around you about your doubts or shoot me an email. I will try and answer your queries and doubts.

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  2. Aijaz Said,

    You have summed it so well. It is a tragedy that muslims in western world are falling prey to this propaganda and inhuman ideology. I myself have so many of my friends becoming and acting like wahhabis

  3. worldniketrade Said,

    It is the tears of the earth that keep here smiles in bloom

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