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What is the contribution of the Prophet towards Islam? Should I laugh loud?

Posted on Sep 16, 2009 04:09:31 PM

“What is the contribution of the Prophet towards Islam?” This query came up on my site about 15 minutes back and I do not know whether to laugh or cry. The questioner seemed to be asking this question with sincerity and not with mischief, so I can only cry.

The answer is simple and can be given in just 3 words: HE IS ISLAM.

Other people who came much later and who helped the cause of Islam in their own small ways can be called contributors but Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s blessings be upon him and his household) is ISLAM itself. HE is the soul and the body and the whole of Islam.

If you remove the Prophet from Islam, there will be nothing left. Click here to read my post on Islam minus the Prophet…
Allahumma Salle Ala Syedina Muhammad Wa ala aalehi wa sahbehi wa sallim.

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  1. Qaiser Said,

    Prophet Muhammad himself is Islam and his family was the one who saved Islam. Hazrat Imam Husaain (RA) sacrificed his life to save Islam. We are not even capable to thank Nabi Pak’s (SAW) family for their sacrifices, how can we thank Prophet SAW himself. Love of Nabi Pak SAW and his family is rooh of Eeman.

    Allahuma Salle ala Syedna Muhammad Wa ala Aaley Syedna Muhammad

  2. Aijaz Said,

    Without Rasool Allah(SAW), there would have been no Islam. Entire humanity is indebted to him. He is the one who brought peace and justice to everybody’s life including non muslims.

    You are doing a great work. May Allah bless you and your readers with peace and blessings and May Allah put us with the followers and lovers of Rasool Allah on the day of judgement.

  3. Sohail Shahzad Said,

    Hello how r u i m seeing trailor islam so plz tell me how complete movie, and how u release this movie pl tel me by mail address.

    thnx sohail shahzad

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