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Story of the man whose witness was considered to be equivalent of two witnesses.

Posted on Sep 15, 2009 10:20:36 PM

Although I am a storyteller in the audiovisual medium, today I will tell you a story in the written medium.
There was once a man, Khudaima, who travelled with Aqa Sallallaho Aleihe Wa Alehi Wasallam. In the abscence of Khudaima, the Prophet entered into a transaction to buy a horse for an agreed amount.

The seller of the horse was then tempted to demand more than the agreed price for the horse and thus arose a dispute. Khudaima arrived on the scene and asked what the matter was. After the horse seller told him his version of the story he told people that he bore witness that the Prophet was telling the truth and not the seller.

At this moment, the Prophet asked Khudaima how he bore witness in an incident where he was not even present. Khudaima said ‘Aqa, I have not seen the heavens nor have I seen the other things that you give me news about. When I can testify those things to to be true, why can’t I testify about your truthfulness in such a small case of a horse?’

Khudaima’s witness was rejected that day but the Prophet appreciated Khudaima’s sentiments, feelings and love for himself and gave him the title of ‘Zu Shahadatayn’ or the one whose witness was equivalent of two witnesses.

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  1. Qaiser Said,

    SubhanAllah. So in other words, The reward of the action, “Doubles” , if it is carried out in a Love of Rasool Allah (SallAllahu Alaihe Wa Aalihi wasallam).

    Right brother Ebrahym??

  2. Ebrahym Said,

    Well said brother Qaiser!!!

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