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Watch ‘Yazeed hazir ho’ online

Posted on Nov 24, 2012 09:45:05 PM

‘Yazeed Hazir Ho’ is a mini TV serial of 5 episodes made specially for Muharram telecast. It is a story of winning over enemies without killing your enemy.

This was telecast from the 6th of Muharram till the 10th of Muharram on Aplus, ATV and many TV channels across the globe. It was also released on DVDs by TP gold in Pakistan. You can watch all episodes online too of you don’t have access to the DVDs. Links are given below.

Yazeed was the super-power of his time but Imam Hussain A.S. defeated him in an everlasting way.
Imam Hussain A.S. won without physically killing Yazeed and Yazeed was defeated permanently even though he thought he would win by martyring Imam Hussain A.S.

It is a story of a criminal (Taqi Wasi) who kidnaps people because of his own dark past. He is cruel and cuts off fingers of people to see them in pain. He uses fear as his tool to subdue others and extract money out of them. This cruel criminal meets his fate when he kidnaps the daughter of a DIG (Erum Akhter) who refuses to bow to fear. Her refusal to fear him is shocking for him and it makes him think that there are more powerful things than fear. Love and sacrifice are bigger more powerful than the power of fear.

Yazeed too tried to use fear of a large enemy to subdue the grandson of the Prophet Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa sallam but Imam Hussain A.S. taught us to be patient and never give in to fear. The Imam A.S. and all the Martyrs of Karbala demonstrated this fearlessness by standing up against this fear even though they were only 72 against a large army amassed by Yazeed. Imam Hussain A.S. won and and continues to win hearts even today while Yazeed is dead forever.

Yazeed’s army even slaughtered baby Asgher who was only 6 months old and terrorized and Martyred the family of the Prophet Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam. Their terror had no effect on Maula Hussain Alayhis Salam or his supporters. But the sacrifice of the Martyrs of Karbala has a profound effect even after more than 1400 years.

Taqi Wasi
Erum Akhker
Khayam Sarhadi (Late)
Laila Zubairi
Fazal Hussain (Child Star) and many others

Produced by Kausar TV Productions and Zulfiqar Ali
Director and Director of Photography: Ibrahim Muhammadi

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  1. azmi Said,


    Episode 5 of Yazeed hazir ho has not been working for the past couple of days… please have a look into the issue..thanks…

  2. Ebrahym Said,

    Salams and thanks for taking the time to report the issue. We have checked it out and the episode seems to be playing fine from over here. Maybe it was a temporary issue that was restricted to some internet provider/s and/or geographical locations… If you are still unable to watch it then you can try to watch it on

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