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Hijab under attack even in Islamic societies. Watch new video.

Posted on Apr 14, 2012 10:21:51 AM

I recently did a video on a sensitive issue that needs highlighting. You can watch this video at the end of this post. Hijab is under attack almost everywhere from west to the east. The surprising fact is that it is under attack even in so called Islamic societies. Ask any woman who practices hijab and she will tell you how she has to resist and struggle.

On one extreme there are racists who attack and kill women wearing the Hijab because the Hijab reveals her ethnicity and religion. On the other extreme there are so called ‘secularists’ and pseudo-intellectuals within Islamic societies who leave no stone unturned in frowning down upon the modest women who wear the Hijab.

You can find the ‘look down’ attitude in schools, colleges, get-togethers and even the workplace. Women with hijab are considered ‘inferior’ to the ones who display their bodies in special clothes designed to reveal as much as possible.

The modest and powerful persona of women that Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam wanted is being fast replaced by weak women who have to resort to nudity to get a status in society. Societies are being shaped in a way that makes modesty a rarity and thus an object/trait of ridicule.

The direction is very clear even for those who do not want to see it – Societies will be more and more promiscuous in the future and the idea of woman and womanhood will be distorted and destroyed forever. Families and family values like motherhood, modesty, fatherhood, faithfulness will be gone before we even realize it.

The video that I did as a Director, Cinematographer and Art Director symbolizes the strife between Hijab and Indecency.

I have kept the environment very neutral because I think this phenomenon is global and universal. I have used the porn industry as an example in my video although the video is about indecency.

This is because the porn industry represents an extreme case of promoting distortion of the image of women. Surprisingly the porn industry is legal in many countries where it flourishes and spreads it’s poison globally. Porn is being thrust upon young viewers and access is made easy for them. There are film/video production companies which operate legally, hire production crews, actors, editors with the sole aim of promoting promiscuity and distorting the idea of woman and womanhood.

A big hue and cry is made about watching porn but nothing is done to stem the rot at it’s roots – the production stage. Porn production companies are allowed to operate freely and even flourish at the expense of the moral fabric of many societies where porn is almost thrust upon them.

Watch the video below and think about it. Do also let me know via your comments what we can all do about it. Your comments can open the way to a better society – please comment and share this video with all your friends and family before it is too late.

The noble Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam used to stand up as a mark of respect when his daughter Syeda Fatema Zehra Salamullah Alayha used to come in his presence. And his ummah today is allowing women to be portrayed in a disgusting and disgraceful manner globally and even speak out against modesty at times. Below is the video that you can share and comment on:

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  1. Mansoor Said,

    MashAllah…………..may Allah pak give you Jaza. Best work of this time.

  2. Nasrine Said,

    I like it. Good work keep it up!

  3. Hajra Said,

    I like the video alot but i want to add that women are equally responsible for their disgrace i myself wear hijab and carry it with pride i would suggest to all of the women who think that
    joining a fashion industry is a dream come true they should wake up by now…. because in the end we all have to pay the price.

  4. The Danger of Pornography series by Pyrrhic - Page 4 Said,

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  5. iqbal siddiqui Said,

    Mashallah__Good job my admin

  6. Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh Said,

    Good work. But please tell our daughters and sisters that Hijab does not mean covering the head only. It means covering ZIAB O ZINAT also.

  7. m_irfan Said,

    do you have any islamic films what web site are their on.



  8. mohsin abid Said,

    very well done
    i watched a video of yours
    nice work

  9. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you brother

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