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Battle of Karbala Picturized in my new video – Watch here

Posted on Nov 29, 2011 04:02:15 PM

I did a video for Muharram broadcast for a Marsiya titled ‘Aakhir Hussain Maa Hoon’. It will run on more than 12 TV channels worldwide. As per mandate given to me by the producers I am happy to provide broadcast quality video without the watermark to TV channels for FREE broadcast. Email me on for the link.

Watch the video below and keep me in your prayers.

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  1. Nasrine Said,

    Mashallah heart breaking. Thank you.

  2. Karamat Hussain Bangash Said,

    Mashallah very good marsiya ALLAH aap ko Jaza-e-khair day

  3. Farwah Said,

    you have done a great job. everyone who has been part of your work really has to be appreciated. I am so touched by your work. May Allah Always shower his Blessings on you and your entire team.. and InshaAllah may you always have the courage and motivation to continue this beautiful work.. MashaAllah! this is Brilliant!

  4. Nasrine Said,

    Mind blowing which bring tears in my eyes. How those people of that day have suffered and now even though we have a better life we still complain. We must say shukkar Allah everyday as Allah has made our life more easy. May Allah bless the director of this movie and hope Inshallah that you will make more movie like that.

  5. Rizwan Said,

    wa baat he ……………..! I have no words to say,thanks Allah.

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