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Give children back their mothers

Posted on Sep 2, 2011 11:37:48 PM

This was the goal of Al-Haadi Musalla of Toronto – the sponsors of my last short film ‘Rishta’ (The Bond). The theme of the film is the important debate on working women and the story/script was provided by the sponsors.

The idea was not to prevent all women from working but rather the film looks at the ‘collateral damage’ resulting from the thoughtless pursuit of the ‘perceived satisfaction’ of being a working woman.

Some women do need to work for economic reasons but that is not the case with all working women.

There is a perceived emotional satisfaction of being a career woman but that needs to be weighed against the losses that occur in the family life. We need to fix up our priorities.

Many children have lost their mothers and their family lives because both parents are focused on their work and careers. We need to think whether this great loss is worth the emotional satisfaction of a career.

Can this satisfaction be achieved by women by being more socially active instead of taking up a career? Can a man leave his job instead and focus on his children? Will a father sitting at home for the children be able to substitute the loss of a mother for the children? This film raises these questions that we all need to sit and answer – for the sake of our children…

This film was sponsored for the isaale thawaab of the Marhoomeen mentioned at the end of the film. Please pray for them and for all those who participated in the making of this film.

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  1. mansoor Said,


  2. ehsan Said,

    Hi All
    Mashallah very good job. ur intention is very good but action is not good,
    making films in islam is not allowed no matter wat messages is coming out but still may Allah guide me first, YOU and all of us.
    im sure u guys can do better then this, rather then sepending money on making videos im sure you can spend different way which will helps the all Muslim ummah.

    i watched this vedio n mabye 2 or 3 more vedios from this website.

  3. Ebrahym Said,

    @Ehsan… Salams… Saying that making films is prohibited is like saying ‘telling stories is prohibited.’ Telling stories to explain a point is a Sunnah of Allah Ta’ala and his Prophets and Walis. So making films cannot be prohibited. All ‘Content’ can never be haram, haram and halal depends on the nature of the ‘Content’ being produced and the intentions behind it. May Allah Ta’ala guide us all.

  4. Ebrahym Said,

    @Ehsan To answer the second part of your question about spending money… For me and my sponsors, providing ‘Hidayat’ or ‘Guidance’ is as important if not more important than providing material support. Both are important and must be pursued. It would be wrong to compare deeds and stop doing good just because there are other good deeds that can be done. Each one has an obligation to do whatever good he or she can do. Such statements have only negative connotations for example saying that ‘one should give to the poor instead of going for Hajj’ or that ‘one should give to the poor instead of organizing Milad, Majalis, etc’ is wrong. As I said – giving guidance is as important as giving alms if not more. And propagating ideas and ideologies through the medium of films is a form of giving guidance. Films can make people think, they can soften attitudes and bring people closer to the message of guidance provided by the Prophet Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam.

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