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Ramadan gift for DVD distributors and TV channels – FREE films for distribution

Posted on Aug 23, 2011 06:13:27 PM

Being one of the world’s largest Islamic media production house we are honored to have sponsors who are happy to give away films for free distribution on DVDs and for free broadcast on TV channels.

Our sponsors have enabled us financially to make several films on various themes. These sponsors had given us the mandate to give the films that they sponsored to TV stations and DVD distributors worldwide for FREE distribution and broadcast. Below are links to high quality (broadcast quality) films and videos that you can watch online or download and broadcast or distribute on DVDs. The conditions are simple:

1. You don’t change anything in the films.

2. You are given the films on a non exclusive basis and on an as-is basis.

3. There are no implied warranties to suitability and there is absolutely no room for financial liabilities and charges whatsoever from the sponsor’s side, our side or from your side.

If you agree to these terms then please go ahead and take the films from below. You can watch them online too if you have a fast internet connection. If you need to make new films or want to sponsor new films please contact us via There is more content that can be provided to TV channels and you may contact us via email regarding other films.

Film 1: “The Witness”

Film 2: “Aik Mauqa”×3%20wo%20with%20water%20Mpeg.mpeg

Film 3:

Film 4:

Film 5:

Film 6:

Film 7:
Tarapta Pani

Film 8:

Film 9:

Film 10:

Naat Album – 6 videos:

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