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Join hands to show the world who the Prophet really is…

Posted on Aug 5, 2011 12:06:12 AM

Written biographies are the thing of the past. Audio visual media, viral videos, online films, social media have changed the world. If something does not exist in this sphere it does not exist at all for most people.

Visual stories have a profound effect on people and one of the best demonstration of this fact is the Film titled “The Message”. After it’s release in the 70s, things changed drastically. The Film became a reference for historical facts. The film had such a great impact on world audiences that it now serves as a point of reference to verify history!!!

Seeing is believing. Our sense of history and personalities is now dictated by what we see in films.

But the film was skewed in its approach towards Islam. It presented the message of Islam but did not do justice in presenting the personality of Prophet Muhammad Sallalaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam.

The film was powerful and hence it caused powerful damage.

The damage needs to be undone. A powerful film needs to be made that will present the Prophet to the world – in a manner that has never been done before. We are taking that initiative to make a film with a proposed title of “The Living Message” – a film that will open the eyes of the world. A film that will bring Muslim and Non-Muslim audiences closer to understanding the real persona of the Prophet.

There is no actor in the world who can play the role of the Prophet in any film. Hence we will use a symbolic visual style to present him in the film. The film will be all about him but it will not show him.

We will engage audiences and bring them closer to understanding him in a manner that is visual, symbolic and powerful.

But we cannot do this alone. Nor do we want to it alone. We want your participation in this Mega project. We have created a fund raising campaign on to raise funds for the film. More information about this Epic film project can be found there. Please contribute generously and be a part of this Epic film that will guide and inspire generations to come. Share this fund raising campaign amongst your friends and family and of course, your social network. Invite and encourage them to contribute for this Epic cause.

You may also send funds via Western Union or Bank Wire. Please contact us via email on for more details.

Here is the link to the campaign:

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  1. Qaiser Said,

    Great idea. But Ibrahim bhai please also mention any account number in Pakistan so that people those who cannot contribute online, including myself, they could donate by sending money to that account. Thank you and Best of luck for this sacred project

  2. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you brother Qaiser. People who cannot pay online can also pay via Wester Union or Bank wire. Please email me on for details. Brother Qaiser, I have sent you all details via email.

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