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I need your prayers !

Posted on Aug 30, 2009 12:35:09 PM

Firstly, an update for all friends and well wishers who are wondering why my posts are not as frequent as they should be in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan and pre-Ramadan was quite busy for me since I was working on two films for my dear friend Mukhtar ul Mustafa.

One film was titled ‘The Days of Darkness’ which portrayed the era before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This story was told through the eyes of a mother whose daughter is taken for being buried alive. The short film highlights the conditions prevailing at that time. Wives were given in marriage to their own sons!!! Daughters were buried alive, idol worship, drinking and gambling was rampant. People were suffering. And prophet Muhammad PBUH came to save humanity from all these ills. The film ends with the coming of the prophet PBUH. This film is already done and was delivered too. It was liked by all who saw the preview of this film. Most preview audiences were in tears when the sweet little girl was being buried alive.

The second film which I am currently working on is titled ‘Forgive me, Mama!’. This is a story of repentance and and of prayers for mercy and forgiveness. This is the story of a young man who loses his mother after being cruel and harsh to her. The young man is sorry and seeks forgiveness and wants to repent for his past actions as he remembers all that his mother had done for him.

The background score for this film is a naat that was specially recorded for this story. The audio track and storyboard is done and so is most of the pre-production work. We hope to start the shoot for this video in a couple of days and finish the post production within 10-12 days. So it is going to be a hectic two weeks and you might not find new posts in this period, though there is so much to say in this Ramadan. I will try and sneak in a few hours for a couple of posts but I can’t promise this. It all depends on how things go….

I need your prayers. Please pray that this video comes out well and motivates people emotionally to become better followers and adorers of the noble Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Please pray that this video has an impact on some among our young generation who are not aware of the great teachings of the Prophet PBUH regarding their behavior towards their parents.

Please pray that Allah SWT forgives my sins and rewards all those who were involved in the production of these films – especially Mr. Mukhtar ul Mustafa who sponsored these two wonderful films and will distribute these films on TV, DVDs, private screenings and film festivals.

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  1. Mohammad Ikram Said,

    Salam Brother Ibrahim,
    Ramadan Mubarak and Good luck for the new projects, really looking forward to the next two films your making. Mukhtar Ul Mustafa, Mashallah he is doing a fantastic job on Noor TV… I always watch his programme, he even put all your movies on which are a pleasure to watch on TV aswell…. although Ive seen them like 50 time each anyway…lol.

    Brother Ibrahim, Im glad and very happy that you liked my new naat… its a pleasure and vote of confidence for me that u comment on my videos. InshaAllah, I will try to produce videos like this more often and hopefully God willing oneday I will be producing films or videos at your level. Just do dua for me brother and support me like you have until this day.

    Another thing, Ive read some of the posts on your website and MashAllah they are awesome. Keep them coming. May Allah Paak give you Jazzah. Dont worry Ive subscribed and will be joining in discussions, InshAllah.

    Ok take care brother, and enjoy the rest of Ramzaan Shareef.

    Aap ka dua go… Mohammad Ikram

  2. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you, brother Mohammad Ikram, for the kind words. You produce good work too and I pray that you continue to do so. Production is a tough job, but producing naats and stories about aqaa SAW is always a pleasure. Don’t ever give up because the reward is too great to miss. It is worth much more than everything we have.

  3. Waseem Said,

    Asalaam Alykum Br Ebrahym,

    Ramadan mubarak to you and your loved ones.

    Brother, you, in conjunction with Noor TV are doing a magnificent job in helping to spread the love and teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through the entire world. You are helping to bring the this ummah back to the straight path via your videos.

    I wish all the success and I pray you continue this work until your last breath.


    Waseem Mohammed

  4. Asim Said,

    Salam Ibrahim Sb.
    I am a fan of yours since last 2 years. Can you please tell atv to repeat your silent film ‘tu bas tu’ that was playing in last ramzan?

    Also your ‘Ishq e Rasool’ films on ary and qtv were sooooo gud. Can you pleeease upload khayam sarhadi’s story online from ‘Deedar’. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    May you keep up the gud work. I pray for you.

  5. Samina Said,

    We all pray for you and need your prayers too!!! Your film on Dr. aamer Liaquat’s program on geo television made all of us in my family cry. It was very emotional and powerful film. God bless you.

  6. Ashiq e Rasool Said,

    pls do video on owais qadri naat

  7. qissa Said,

    can i get dvd of the films running on ary on 11th and 12th ramadan 2009? I liked it but i want to show it to my children? they have missed it. can i please have a copy? I searched in dvd stores but could not find it anywhere today.

  8. Qaiser Said,

    Our prayers are with you brother Ebrahym. May Allah remove all the difficulties you may face while working on this project. Anyway, when Allah and His beloved Messenger PBUH is happy with you, then who cares about the difficulties and obstacles.

    Yeh naam koi kaam bigarnay nahi deta
    Bigray bhi bana deta hai bus naam MUHAMMAD (SAW)

  9. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you all for your prayers and wishes. I really appreciate it. I have completed the shoot for the second film too and am quite happy with the results. We are in the post production phase now and should be able to deliver the films within the next 4-5 days InshaAllah.

    @Qaiser – well said. Going by my personal experiences, I can vouch for the truth in the verse you have quoted.

    @Qissa – Those programs were given to ARY for broadcast and DVD release. So it is really upto them when they release the DVD or when they repeat the telecast. But they do keep repeating it so keep watching. You could shoot them a question too regarding the DVD release of that series of films that I did for them 🙂

    @Ashiq e Rasool – I would love to do a video for a naat by Owais Qadri. Maybe I will get an opportunity to do that soon. One of the films that i did in Ramadan includes a naat recited by Imran Sheikh Attari – another favorite of mine.

    @Samina – What can i say? Dr. Aamir Liaquat is doing a fabulous job on GEO and is planning to start a Islamic channel. Hope that he is able to do that soon. You will see more work from me on that channel when it is launched.

    @Asim – When i meet him, I will tell Jabbarbhai of ATV about your request to repeat the silent film ‘Tu bas Tu’. But it would be good if you send an email to them directly. Also Khayyam sb’s film was not uploaded because these are long dramas and take an awful lot of time and effort to upload. But i will try some day…

    @Waseem – Thank you for so many wishes!! Noor TV and Mukhtar ul Mustafa are doing a great job of spreading the love for the noble Prophet PBUH. May Allah SWT grant them their wishes.

  10. Pictures from my recent films | Said,

    […] I need your prayers ! […]

  11. Halema Said,

    Assalamu Alaikum brothers,
    I’ve only just recently discovered these outstanding videos on youtube and they were so good I watched all of them all at once.. it was fajr time by the time I finished 🙂
    The storyline of the films are really good too, keep it up!

    I’ am eagerly waiting for the new two films, when can we watch it? will you put it up on youtube? Please do as soon as possible.

    Jazzak Allahu kairen for all your hard work may Allah (swt) except all your duas, guide and prOtect you and family, Ameen

  12. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you for your encouraging words and your prayers. The two new films were produced for a friend Mukhtar ul Mustafa who will use these films in his upcoming documentary. These films will be uploaded on youtube once his documentary is released. Nevertheless I have posted some pictures from the films in my recent post here:

  13. Mohammad Ikram Said,

    Welcome back Ibrahim Bhai,
    Im glad your back, been missing you. Hope Ramadan has been a good one for you, its almost over, I cant believe it zoomed past. Anyway, i received an email from you with screen shots of your 2 latest movies, they look very very interesting. The screen shots of “Forgive me Mama” are stunning, wow, really bhai, they are awesome. Especially the one where one of the actors has his hands raised and hes sat down with a stick as if hes begging, and also the screen shot where the son is lying down in his mothers lap… Really amazing, MashaAllah. I cant wait to see the full movie. Please do check my new videos too, JazakAllah Khair.

    Dua Go….

    Ikram Bhai

  14. Samara Said,

    brother I would like you I am looking for muktar bhais email adress if you cud help me plzz

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