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Even good deeds will become worthless, while you remain unaware – Allah warns in the Quran.

Posted on Aug 26, 2009 12:50:31 PM

Unimaginable!!! Allah tells us in the Quran about one act that can nullify all our deeds!!! And that too while we remain unaware about it!!! Here is the Ayat of the Quran in which there is a great warning by Allah SWT:

O People who Believe! Do not raise your voices higher than the voice of the Prophet, nor speak to him loudly the way you shout to one another, lest your deeds become worthless whilst you are unaware. (Quran, 49:2)

In this Ayat Allah SWT is not addressing the disbelievers. He is addressing people who believe. Note the angry tone and dire consequences with which he is warning us. He is telling us that our deeds whether it is Salah, Fasting, charity or other deeds will all lay waste and become worthless if we disrespect the Prophet PBUH. It does not matter whether we call ourselves hajis or namazis or qazis or ghazis. If there is no respect and love for Prophet Muhammad PBUH, everything else is useless and futile. I am not saying this – Allah SWT himself talks about nullifying deeds for those who show disrespect for the Prophet PBUH.

Don’t speak to the prophet PBUH the way you speak to one another, Allah says. That is enough for your deeds to be nullified.

Allah u Akbar!!! Click here to see my post on how great is ALLAH. Allah SWT knows all. Even what is hidden in our hearts. He knew that there might be some among us who will take the issue of respect and disrespect for the Prophet as a trivial matter. He knew that some among us will not even realize that their deeds are nullified because of showing disrespect to Allah’s beloved Prophet PBUH. Allah SWT says that their deeds will become worthless without them even realizing it.

In my last post I quoted the ayat immediately following this Ayat where Allah speaks of great reward and forgiveness to those who show respect for the Prophet PBUH. We wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that faith is nothing but the love and respect for the holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Jannah is not for all believers. Some of these believers will find their deeds nullified on that day. Forgiveness and great reward and hence Jannah is for those who show respect and love for the Prophet.

These two ayats of Surah Hujrat are profound in their meaning as are all other Ayats too. Allah talks about wiping out your good deeds in one ayat and wiping out your sins in the other ayat. These two ayats just go to show the extent of love that Allah SWT has for Prophet Muhammad PBUH. On one hand Allah is willing to wipe out someone’s hard earned deeds and on the other hand he is willing to forgive the sins of others. The bond of love between Allah SWT and his Prophet PBUH is unmistakable.

In my earlier posts too I had mentioned that deeds come second – first comes your faith. If your faith in Allah and his Prophet PBUH is strong then deeds will automatically follow. We do our deeds because we are inspired and impressed with the person who has asked us to do them. The more we are inspired the stronger will be our bond with him and the deeds will flow automatically and painlessly.

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  1. Qaiser Said,

    Meri Iltija Hai Yeh Dosto Kabhi Tum Jo Sooy-e-Haram Chalo
    To Bana Ke Sir Ko Qadam Chalo, Ke Yeh Raasta Koi Aur hai

    Hai Tujhe Khabar Shah-e-Een-o-Aan, Meri Wajh-e-Rahat-e-Qalb-o-Jaan
    Na Tere Siwa Koi aur Tha Na Tere Siwa Koi Aur hai

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  6. Haider Bilgrami Said,

    I read somewhere that Hazrat Jibreel said, I know how many fishes are there in all the oceans and I know how many leaves are there in all the tree’s but yet I do not know what amount of blessings are bestowed upon a human being when he recites the darood o salaam, even I cannot comprehend the amount of such blessings. SubhanAllah SubhanAllah,
    Lets all Maalik kay Mehboob ko ba kasrat yaad karain, kiyun k aur koi rasta bhi to nahi hai, agar hay to pesh kar do, naumeed ho jao gay, bas sirf yeh yaad rakhna, jis nay Fatima ko Dukh dia usnay mujh ko dukh diya aur jis nay mujh ko dukh dia usnay Khuda ko Naraaz Kia. Meri himat to nahi k main apnay khuda ko Naraaz kar sakun, mera to zikr o fikr hi Maalik kay Mehboob ko yaad karnay main pinhaan hai

  7. Edip Said,

    Brother or Sister i want to know if its ok to scream while explaining religion???? is that right like i read the bit where ALLAH said do not speak louder than the voice of the prophet does this mean when explaining religion speak in a humble voice???(like not to hype people for the religion by screaming)

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