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Justice for our daughters, please. Watch new video ‘Umme Abeeha’

Posted on May 17, 2011 04:23:50 PM

The noble Prophet of Islam left no stone unturned in expressing his love and affection towards his daughter. His daughter too cared for him so much that the Prophet used to call her his mother or ‘Umme Abeeha’ (The mother of her father)

It is sad to see people still reacting negatively to the birth of a girl especially so when such people are a part of the Ummah of the noble Prophet. How can such people be so cruel to their daughters and yet claim to be in the Nation of the noble one?

I just completed a new video for my client – ‘Such TV’ The video takes a stand for the daughters of the Ummah of the noble Prophet. Such TV stands for the truth and speaks for the truth and this video proves it.

Here is the video. Watch and leave feedback/comments.

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  1. Almas Said,

    MashaAllah very Nice Clip… JazakAllah!

  2. Mazhar Aslam Said,

    Brother Ibraheem, you done great job again and I don’t have words to say thank you, please keep continue your prestigious work.

  3. naved ahmed Said,

    top class production 🙂 good job keep it up

  4. Sadqain Said,

    MashaAllah, Allah Huma Salay Alla Muhammed Wa Allay Muhammed (SAWAWS). Great job, May Allah accept it. Keep up the good work.

  5. shahzad Said,

    great…… keep it up..

  6. Muhammad Ali Abbas Said,

    Hi I really like your step to teach our community. I wish you success in your goals
    Alhamdolillah all videos I have seen are great. I would suggest not to work for any specific fiqqa or firqa or group. Just work for MUSLIMS and ISLAM

  7. Abdul Qadeer Said,

    As our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.w) used to love his beloved daughter (R.T.A) we should step on the step our beloved one(S.A.W.W) we should respect them.

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