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What is that image on the green flag?

Posted on Aug 4, 2009 03:27:42 PM

In one of my naat videos I have used a green flag with an image on it. This green flag represents peace and harmony in the story of the video as you can see in the video embedded further down in this post.

Till date at least 7-8 people have asked me what that image on the green flag was. Maybe they had never seen this image before or maybe the image was not clear enough in the video. This post is to clarify what that image really was.

That image was the image/impression of the highly respected relic of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) sandals. This relic and the associated impression/image represents the sandals that once touched the holy feet of the Prophet (PBUH). These sandals have also gone to the highest heavens when the Prophet PBUH went for Meraj.

Why use it as a symbol of peace and harmony in the video? Because the master who wore these slippers stood for peace and harmony. We print it on flags, we print it on paper. We kiss the paper on which it is printed and we venerate it. Just like we kiss and venerate the Quran which is printed on paper but which represents the blessed Quran that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH by Allah SWT.

We are impressed by that great person who prayed for those who stoned him mercilessly. The woman who chewed his dear uncle’s liver after having him killed got amnesty – and that too when this great Prophet PBUH was in total control of her city and could have her beheaded. And this amnesty was extended to many other people who were cruel to this Prophet of peace (PBUH).

We are so impressed that we search for relics and symbols associated with him. One such relic are the sandals shown in the video below. We are impressed with him and we are grateful to him. And hence we go to Medina to see the city where he stayed, to pay our respects to him, to thank him. Our eyes strain to see the signs and symbols associated with the life of this great Prophet. But alas these symbols have been destroyed. His place of birth has been converted to a building. Other symbols have been destroyed. We are shooed when we try to thank him in front of his final resting place. His mother’s grave has been bulldozed and gasoline was poured on it!!!

I dedicate this video below to that great mother who gave birth to the greatest creation of Allah SWT.
His sandals are dear to us, and his mother is dearer.
Very dear to us are his family – the Ahle Bayt (RA).

Watch the video below and enter and dedicate your comments for that noble mother of the noblest creation:

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  1. mansoor ahmed Said,


  2. Behjat Bilal Sheikh Said,

    Mashallah .Excellent work by you.Really highly appericiated and Muhammad Peace be upon him bless you and give you courage to make more movies about My and Last prophit of the world.
    i would like to comment on the green flag,next time if you would liike to add this in your movie clips then please please make your flag more presentable.I mean made with a good cloth like kamhawab.This flag reflects and will reprsent the whole Muslim Ummah.Kindly in movies convey this message to recite darrod shareef to make Prophet and human link more stronger.
    Make a movie on prophet legacy.
    May allah and angels protect you and your team.I will do extra work on saturday’s to sponsor some monies towards our prophet PBUH cause.



  3. Behjat Bilal Sheikh Said,

    please ignore the spell mistakes as i typed them without spell check,i dont know my mind of state after watching this movie and they way it represent our prophet Muhammad PBUH.

  4. Ebrahym Said,

    Salams Brother Bilal,

    Your points are well taken. We will definitely use a better cloth for the flag next time. We are also moved by your commitment to the cause by offering to work extra on Saturdays….. May Allah SWT bless you and grant you your wishes…. Ameen

  5. Mohammad Ikram Said,

    MashAllah this video was really cool….. My father was quite ill recently, and i kept watching this video again and again and again,,, it made me cry, as my father had cared for me, and brought me up well. The thoughts of him not being in my life were really hurting. MashAllah hes recovering now. I want all my brothers and sisters to pray for him and to pray for everyone, every ill and struggling muslim on this globe. And may the ISHQ of Rasoolullah (PBUH) keep shining in our hearts forever and may the blessings of Allah be showered upon his Ummah. Ammeen.

  6. Ebrahym Said,

    Our prayers are with you brother Ikram. It was nice of you to remind us to pray for the ill and the struggling. Caring for others and praying for others is the legacy of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Let us remember that legacy.

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  9. Mansoor Ahmed Qadri Medani Said,

    This site is very best for the knowledege for the most of religious maters.
    like as obove for the Green colour, a person who were questioned me also for Green colour,
    i said him this is the our religios colour but he just said there is no conection of the Green colour,
    very poor *&* be bed.
    forgeted that person”’.But True is v beloved for the Green colour.

  10. fashion jewelry wholesalers Said,

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