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More films on Tauheed – shorter versions this time.

Posted on Aug 4, 2009 07:07:48 AM

In my last post I embedded some of my longer (45minutes+) films on the topic of Tauheed. These films were made for broadcast TV quite some time back. This time I have embedded a title song from a silent film that I did (without dialogues). Also included below is a song from my feature length film and a short promo for the TV series ‘Deedaar’ that was based on Tauheed. These shorter versions are for the benefit of those who could not spare the 90 minutes to watch the two full stories that were embedded in the last post.

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Title song from silent film:

Promo for my TV series ‘Deedaar’ which explored the concept of God and our relationship with Allah SWT:

Title song from feature length film:

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