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Marsiya video and second trailer from “Yazeed Hazir Ho”

Posted on Nov 30, 2010 06:32:02 PM

For more details on the film click here. You can watch the Marsiya video performed by Erum Akhtar and the trailer below:


Second Trailer: (Click here to see the first trailer)

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  1. SAAN Said,

    Can u change the name because we have lots of yazids relativs here in In Pakistan and Saudia .As you know better, Bani Omaiyya was the front line enemy of Islam from bigining.

  2. Ebrahym Said,

    I am sorry, the name cannot be changed… I am more worried about having to face the Prophet than having to face Yazeed’s relatives.

    If, when I die, the Prophet or his Daughter Fatema Zahra Salamullah Alayha asks me if I had any soft corner for the killer of her sons, it will be worse than hell for me.

    Having done what he did, Yazeed is the symbol of tyranny and oppression. Yazeed did what is unthinkable – the slaughter of the pure household of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam.

    Every lover of the Prophet from among Sunnis and Shias condemn Yazeed for his despicable act. There may be a handful of relatives of Yazeed today who are misguiding people into defending him but facts don’t change and Almost All Sunni and Shia Ulema have categorically and unconditionally condemned him. May the curse of Allah be on him and all those who supported him in the most heinous crime known to mankind.

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