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True story – Woman leaves Islam. True Islam gets her back. Watch Film on effects of Terrorism.

Posted on Sep 4, 2010 09:16:59 PM

This film is based on true events… When I was given the assignment to make a film on terrorism, I wanted it to be based on reality. I have personally seen and interviewed people affected by acts of terrorism. And it was a devastating experience for me.

I have seen people in psychological wards in extreme depression and paranoia, I have seen women take to prostitution after losing their only bread winner to terrorism, I have seen children who still can’t come out of their trauma, mothers unable to cope with their grief years after their sons were killed, daughters waiting for their fathers… All victims of terrorism. It was terrible, terrible…

Some of the cases were so sad that I still break down when I think about them. The case shown in this film is one among them, but at least it had an ending that makes it bearable. There are other cases where the victims still languish in pain. Their pain is unbearable to watch on film and I chose not to make a film of such cases.

Urdu Couplet:
Ab Darindo se na haiwano se dar lagta hy,
Kya zamana hy ke insaano se dar lagta hy

Khoon rezi ka ye aalam hy Allah Khair Kare,
Ab to Musalmano ko bhi Musalmano se dar lagta hy.

We don’t fear wild animals any more,
It is Humans that we fear

Bloodshed has now become so common,
Even Muslims are now fearful of Muslims…

May Allah bless Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri for his Fatwa against this scourge of terrorism that has led to confusion amongst Muslims. The terrorists call themselves Muslims but they kill Muslims and destroy their families.

The victims and most other people hate terrorists and their ideologies even if they call their ideology ‘Islam’. The Fatwaa (Decree) issued by Shaykh ul Islam definitely clears the air of confusion and separates true Islam from the hideous ideology of the Terrorists.

NOTE ADDED on OCT 02, 2010: This film has been withdrawn by us from youtube and from our blog/website as announced in a separate post. Click here to read that announcement.

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  1. Mazhar Aslam Said,

    Brother IBRAHEEM, great work, ALLAH (SUBHAN WATALAH) bless you.

  2. muhammad ali abbasi Said,

    dear brother Ibrahim may Allah bless you and your family, this movie clears the truth that we all belongs with great religion where no terrorism exist only love and love, and its clear from the Fatwa of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri (Murshid) that terrorists are not from us. great work, I hope you will lounge movie on the Flood Azab also and Happy Shab-e-Qadr and Eid Mubarik, please pray for me, my family and my deceased parents. thanks

  3. meemona Said,

    this movie was very touching i find it very intresting but do people really leave islam because of terrorism

  4. Ebrahym Said,

    @Meemona Thanks for the appreciation. I have personally interviewed people who have left Islam because they could not bear to be in the same religion as the killers of their near and dear ones.
    From my research I found out that as long as an “outsider” kills someone, the victim’s near ones faith grows stronger. But watching one’s near and dear ones being killed by people in the name of Islam really weakens faith. Mosques would be full if “unbelievers” were killing Muslims. But there are many people who have stopped going to mosques because they think Muslims are killing in the name of Islam.

    I have seen many degrees of weakening. Some people I interviewed just turned off their religion, some people stopped taking it seriously, some others were just weakened in a few aspects while some others were totally blown apart and openly admitted to leaving Islam. These were all people who previously were “devout” Muslims. Confusion creates doubt and doubt destroys faith.

  5. Hureen Raza Said,

    A very touchy film. It showed an aspect which was not been thought or taken into knowledge by many people.

    Imaan gets week after such incidences. Maybe our society (relatives, neighbors, colleaques etc.) have also stopped thinking about others. If relatives/ neighbors of the affectee lady would have helped maybe she would have not indulged into illegal acts. We Muslims see our relatives, neighbors in pain but seldom help them and guide them. Islam even emphasises Muslims to take special care of newly converted Muslims so they maynot revert to their old religion.

    Pls. i want to pledge all Muslims not to sit idle and ignore some Muslim in pain( be it flood, terrorism , some family fight anything) so they maynot divert to wrong path. ISlam is best religion of all.

    Shame on us (Muslims) cz.of whom some Muslims leave the best religion of the universe.

  6. Hureen Raza Said,

    Another factor that is killing us is day to day increase in inflation rate. I think Mr. Ebrahym, you should make a video who should show people (like in this video a widow has to care and upbring financially, morally, ethically her child after death of one and only earning hand of family).

    Show us the ways how a person can live in the current prevailing situation when one cannot even afford to have a roti and daal (which was said to be meal of poor in past) peacefully.

  7. Junaid Said,

    this flim is just to make foll to Muslims, A true never ever leave Islam in any Situation, the non muslims are trying to mixedup Jeehad and terrorism, that is because of that, in Pakistan many people who say they are mujahid, Pak Army caught them and found that they are not muslim, they just act like muslim and doing jehad this all politics to control the ground and their economic this is a war for money and unfortunately all muslim area are rich of natural resource that y this all is happening

  8. Muhammad Sanif Said,

    Assalam valeykum, Its really heart touching and right path towards Islam. Pls keep it up the same. And remember me in ur duwa. Naare takbir yaa rasulillah.
    Allah hafiz
    Muhammad Sanif

  9. Abdul Sattar Said,

    Assalaamo Alaikum,

    Masha’Allah, its nice to see your great effort. May Allah almighty give you more strength to be more beneficial for the Muslim Ummah.

    I want to know if some one wants to buy its CD where from he can get? If you have any outlets for your great works?


    Abdul Sattar

  10. Ebrahym Said,

    Salams brother Abdul Sattar
    I make films that are financed by sponsors and the sponsors usually release their films on broadcast and DVD media. So there is no single place where you can get all my work. But different films are available on separate DVDs in different regions. Most of my sponsors are from the Uk or the middle east and hence it is quite likely that the dvd release happens mostly in Uk, Europe and the middle east. The best thing for you would be to download the films available on our online channel and burn it on DVd for personal and family viewing.
    Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammadi

  11. Abdul Wakeel Said,

    Dear All Muslims

    Aslam U Alakum to all of you… jab may nay ye movie download ki to may yeh nahi samaj raha tha k is k pichy itna bara maqsad hoga mager jab may nay yeh movie dekhy to maray ankh say itny ansoo bahye k kiya batao darasal is may to massage dia giya hain wo bohat hi acha hain, may nay khud aisa aik waqia apna anko k samny dakha hain is liye may nay ziyada mehsoos kiya hian is may to bachy ko dikhaya ghiya hain wo bhi ashkbar ker dati hian….. is kawish ko saranjam kerny k liye may is tamam team ko dil ki gihrayo say salaam pash kerta hoo.

  12. SAAN Said,

    Where is my comments I wrote before?

  13. Ebrahym Said,

    You wrote it in the wrong post brother. I had replied to it at that time and you can see your comments and my reply here:

  14. Muhammad Ahmed Said,

    I like the concept behind the video, it is really great socially the nasheed “May Hoon Muhammadi” from where i get this?

    but it was bad to see that you put the words of Molana Tahir. But it would be much better, if you put the words of Quran and Hadees against terrorism. There are lot of stuff available about this in Quran and Hadees.

    Jazak Allah

  15. Ebrahym Said,

    @brother Muhammad Ahmed – Thank you for the appreciation. You can download the nasheed here:­uploads/naat%20song.wav

    Regarding your objection to the use of Shaykhul Islam’s words in the video – It is not bad to use words of scholars and spiritual leaders. In fact it is good to use them wherever we can. If we don’t use words from learned and spiritual people it is to our own loss. We must learn to respect scholars and leaders and learn from them instead of saying it is bad to see their words used in films. It is plain wahabi brainwashing that wants us to stay away from our scholars so that we don’t gain from them.

    Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has given his fatwa or decree from his study of the Quran and the Sunnah.

    I have used other references too like the references to the sunnah. But saying that it is bad to see a scholar’s words in the film is wrong in my humble opinion.

  16. Muhammad Ahmed Said,

    the size of file is too big 🙁 i will download some other day, when there is good internet speed

    I am not against the scholars at all. It was just my suggestion, because we know alot of people who are not familiar to the scholar who appear in the video. Thats why putting direct ayaat from Quran and hadees would be much better. And specially non-Muslim understand that what the religion of Islam is all about.


  17. Ebrahym Said,

    @brother Muhammad Ahmed – It is good to know that you are not against scholars. Actually some non muslims may not understand the importance of Quran and Ahadeeth the way we do. They might find a scholar’s words more relevant and representative. And besides, we have used the reference of sunnah in the film for people who realize the importance of Quran and Sunnah.
    Thanks for the comments.

  18. Quratulain Younis Said,

    Assalam-o-Alekum Can you tell me where can i watch this film Plzzz i really want to watch it bt it iz removed from here. Jazak-Allah

  19. Ebrahym Said,

    @Quratulain – As mentioned earlier on this film had to be withdrawn from my site and my youtube channel and is no longer available… Sorry i couldn’t be of help to you in this case.

  20. Muhammad Tariq Raheel Said,

    shear more

  21. Muhammad Tauqeer Afzal Qadri Said,

    well main nay abhi sirf naam ibrahim perha hay jo kay i think concern person hain is sab kaam kay peechay
    bhai sab yakeen kijiye kalaija thunda ho gya well bro i use to compose music and edit movies also if i can help you in any ways so it will b my pleasure and also i can write stories and work out on sevral things in media it would b an honor to be part of ur team
    and please upgrade your web site so we can subscribe here i mean make our ids something like that please if you reply me use my email ALLAH hamaisha app ko khush rakhay

  22. Humaira Nazeer Said,

    Hello incharge,
    I visited your website, i am so impressed by your teachings and work. I found that you are doing such a wonderful work for the people in the mean time. I am interested to work with your ministry or organization as a translator. I hope so that you will consider me for this great option. I will wait to hear from you if you have any work of translation in to Urdu or Punjabi. Thank you
    Humaira Nazeer { Pakistan }

  23. Quratulain Younis Said,

    @Ebrahym… Okaiii thnx Alot… i realy lyk ur website Masha-Allah u doing a grrrrrrr8 job… keep it up…

  24. mohsin Said,

    why its showing “The video is private”.I am not able to watch this video..

  25. afra Said,

    mash alla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for opening this website

  26. Andrea Said,

    Hello, i just watched this film, and it was really amaizing… But I still have the song in my head… where can I find mp3? Please, it is really touchable for me, even I am not muslim…

  27. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you for the comment. This was recorded by us especially for this video. There is no mp3 but you could use any converter/grabbing online tool to extract and save the audio track from the video.

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