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Wanted sponsors and co-producers for mega tv series and feature film

Posted on Jul 18, 2009 09:40:46 AM is now working on a mega television series and a 70 minute film for broadcast television. A feature length film for theatrical and DVD release is also on the cards. All projects are about human relationships and emotions and aim to promote love for the benevolent creation of the beneficent creator. All projects in pipeline aim to foster better relationships within the ummah of the noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and with people outside the ummah as was the vision of the great visionary who prayed for people who stoned him and forgave those who had hounded him and drove him out of his home to die in the harsh wilderness. His mercy was such that he granted amnesty to those who took shelter in the house of the woman who chewed his dear uncle Hamza’s (RA) liver after having him killed.

We have secured funds for the 70 minute telefilm from friends and relatives but still awaiting funds for the mega TV series and the feature film. We invite you all to participate in our projects as sponsors and/or co-producers. Anyone can participate and for any amount big or small. You can also pitch in by giving us ideas, scripts, shooting locations, logistical support, distribution support and any other support that you can offer.

Help us spread the true message and the vision of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was a mercy to all mankind. Share this post and let others know about this project too. Participate in these projects and invite your friends and family to participate too. For more information please contact us via our email

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May Allah send his blessings on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his family and his companions.

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