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Here is the video of the naat I promised to post on this site.

Posted on Jul 7, 2009 08:01:41 AM

Below is the video that I recently did for a naat. While I was casting for this video I met an actor who shocked me because of his attitude, even though this mindset was not new to me and I had already made a film on this mindset.

Anyways here is the naat that i recorded after replacing that actor. The video is titled ‘Prayer of a dead father’ or ‘Marhoom baap ki dua’. Please leave your comments that can be encouraging/helpful in future productions.

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  1. Why do we kiss the image of the sandals of holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? | Said,

    […] Here is the video of the naat I promised to post on this site. […]

  2. Atif Ikram Said,

    thnx for posting such nice naaat. May Allah Tala give u reward and My Muhammad PBUH will b very hapy with u

  3. Sister1984 Said,

    Asalamolaikum wa rhmatullahe wa barakatuhu
    MAshAllah these films are fantastic, please keep up the excellent work,
    perhaps there can be a film about observing full hijab and appropriate islamic behaviour.

    Jazak Allah khair, God bless u all. ameen.

  4. ali Said,

    you make ver good videos i hope you make more and allah bless you salam

  5. salihu Said,

    Assalamullahi Alaik!
    Thought i dont speak pakistanis language , but ur videos are really interesting . Please keep it up and add more effort . I wish i have something 2 donate .
    May Allah reward u accordingly , for all ur doings…….

  6. Shahid Said,

    Salaam..Thnx for this lovely video..Its really touching the heart..We are luck to veiw these kinds of Videos.

  7. Ebrahym Said,

    Thank you all for the nice and encouraging comments and prayers..

    @Sister 1984 I will try and make a film about hijab and Islamic behavior as soon as i can. Please pray that I can do that really soon.

    @Salihu – I need your prayers more than any donations. Please keep praying for me.

    @All – your Prayers are very valuable. Please do remember me in your prayers everybody.

  8. farrukh qadri Said,

    assalam o alaikum warahmatulla wabarkatahu wamagfiratahu,

    Brother we have a website in Australia of dawat e islami, I found all of your videos very thought provoking and I added your videos to my website with your name, if you have any issues regarding permissions please let me know. I have linked your website in my friends list. May Allah almighty bless you and bring peace upon you and this sadqa – e- jaariya never lasts. Aameen

  9. Ebrahym Said,

    Brother Farrukh, Please go ahead and add the videos to your site. Makes me happy if these films get wider audiences..

  10. muqadas Said,

    Asalamolaikum wa rhmatullahe wa barakatuhu
    MAshAllah these films are really nice and outclass. please keep up the excellent work i wil pray for u.
    Jazak Allah khair, God bless u all. ameen

  11. JAWWAD AHMED Said,


    Ur site shows gr8 gr88 effort on respect of AAKA SAWW.Absolutely on reality and real aqeeda once i was a ghutakh but by NAZRE KARAM of AAKA KAREEM SAWW i find reality

  12. JAWWAD AHMED Said,


    My story was same as these videos

  13. filza Said,


    these videos are vrery nice and this site is gr8 gr88 and the greatest

    and i wish i could make a naat of my own

  14. Ebrahym Said,

    Salams all and thanks for the nice comments. @filza – may your wish of making a naat be fulfilled.

  15. fatima Said,

    bht achi fit video hai…………….maray abu ki b death hogai hoi hai n nw i m missing my father tooooooooooooo mch……………

  16. safa Said,

    heart touching all superb marvellous

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