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Watch 6 new Naat videos. Malik Noman Naat Album released.

Posted on Aug 23, 2010 02:05:11 AM

I was recently hired as a DP for shooting the Naat Album of dashing and rising Naat star Malik Noman. For those of you who don’t know what DP or DOP stands for – it’s an acronym for Director of Photography – the guy who is responsible for the image making and the look of the video/film. In other words the DP makes the artist/subject look good or bad as required…

There was very little time allocated for the shoot and there was no budget or time for lighting. Hence I had to rely mainly only on composition and using available ambient light. I would have loved to light the shots to create the required mood but that was not possible in this shoot. Perhaps next time with some other Naat reciter….

The Album was released at a major press conference with many vip guests and everybody liked the videos. Malik Noman was an instant super hit at the conference. I think he deserves it. My dear friend Ash Emran was the director for the entire project while production facilities were provided by – that’s us 🙂

There were 9 naats including duas and Manqabat. You can watch 6 of them online here or you can watch the entire Album on cd/DVD since it is now released by Heera and should be available in all major towns and cities.

Watch the 6 videos and do let me have a feedback on what you think. You can subscribe for free to my website by clicking here so that you get updates of new releases of films and videos in your email directly. Please remember to verify your subscription by following instructions you receive in your email box.

My name is mis-spelt in the credits in the video. Please excuse that typo since we had not edited this Album and the editors didn’t probably know how I spelt my name. You can click on the right and left arrows (or on the list of videos that appears below when you move your mouse over it) to navigate between the 6 videos.

Watch, enjoy and share these videos.

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  1. ALI IHSAN Said,

    I LOVE HAZRAT MUHAMMAD S.A.W….THanks for uploading these naats.. i like them. SUBHANALLAH..

  2. SAAN Said,

    Its need some fast music and light dance.

  3. Ebrahym Said,

    @saan thanks, i was the DP in this project but probably the director and producers of this album will see your comment and take cue 🙂 Personally let me say that I dance with joy from within, whenever I hear any naat. Naat soothes me like no music can ever do.

  4. Skhan Said,

    Please Send me some Videos or Dua’s .,
    Shahnawaz Khan
    +91 9990838555 , 9953949569 | India-Delhi

  5. Agtar Noorani Said,

    it is not permitted to write S.A.W

    directly write sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

  6. Mohammed Khan Said,

    I really love your naats, especially ones that are in your films. Could you have these as separate clips on your site. These are very enlightening to listen and sing to instead of comercial movie songs. Jazak Allah.

  7. Jawad Ahmed Said,

    Main madinay Jaoon ga ,
    hal e dil sunaoon ga
    bhar gya humara dil
    is jahan say …

    Plzz Plzzz Plzzz add this naat to your videos it was in one of your dramas. Your cause is very noble and it really makes think.. SubhanAllah a great effort May Allah accept this and grant your more success. Please add this Naat as separate video and complete naat.

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