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Will any creator be happy if you belittle his greatest creation?

Posted on Jul 6, 2009 10:01:44 AM

Some time back I was trying to cast an actor for the role of an ashiq -e- Rasool in a naat video and had called some actors for an audition.

When I briefed one particular actor on the role that I was casting for, he refused to audition for that role. I was shocked to know the reason – that actor did not want to be seen as an adorer of the prophet (PBUH) !!!! That misled and misguided actor felt that naat or praising the Prophet (PBUH) was equivalent to shirk or polytheism!!! Hence this post.

How can praising the prophet or praising anyone be shirk?? Twisted minds take the concept of praise and equate it to worship. Allah himself has praised Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at so many places in the Quran. Was Allah SWT committing shirk?? NO. Praising someone or saying thank you to someone in no way means that you are worshiping that person.

I had seen many such twisted and misled minds in the past, so i tried to be as calm as possible and tried to explain to him the difference between praise and worship. But the actor was brainwashed to see anything associated with cherishing humans as being idol worship!!!

I had seen such people in the past and even made a film on such a character. You can watch my film about the story of such disrespectful and insensitive people. These people are misled intentionally by an ideology that was funded extensively during the Russian proxy war in Afghanistan. Muslims were required to fight a proxy war in Afghanistan to drive out the invading Russians. It was necessary to create an inhuman ideology and remove all traces of humanity in the name of GOD. To drive an inhuman and blinded force against the enemy at that time. We are all facing the consequences of the creation of this inhuman ideology. The remnants of such an ideology can be found in Saudi Arabia, Asia and elsewhere.

Will any creator be happy if you belittle his creation in the name of raising the status of the creator higher?? The creator will only be happy and pleased if you praise his creation. Especially when you praise his creation in which he himself takes special pride. Simple logic but out of bounds for brainwashed creatures against humans and humanity.

Anyways I casted someone else for that role and completed the naat video. I will soon upload the video for the naat that I made specially for the holy months of Rajab, Shabaan and Ramadan. Till then keep praising the Prophet (PBUH) and pleasing Allah SWT.

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  2. umer Said,

    May Allah reward you for your efforts.

    And I can understand which mentality you’re talking about, and sadly that virus is spreading in the guise of TAWHEED and with Saudi riyals. But still there are more than 1 billion Muslims, who do not subscribe to their understanding of the religion…

    And Inshallah your videos will as heart softeners…

  3. nafisa Said,

    you say to have great love for the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him), but remember to really show our appreciation for the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) it is by following his sunnah as firmly as we can, otherwise what was the point of all the struggle and hardship he endoured. His life is an example and message of how we must live our life. It easy to sing a few naats and utter some praises, but its more difficult to learn and perform every single task we perform in accordance to his sunnah: this is true love for the prophet, yearning and striving to live our life by his sunnnah and this really shows our appreciation for him.

  4. Ebrahym Said,

    Salams sister Nafisa, you have the right to your point of view, but myself and most muslims would disagree with your views.

    You say it is easy to sing naats but difficult to do tasks in accordance to the Prophet’s (PBUH) sunnah.

    I say it is as easy to do other tasks as it is easy to sing naats – once there is love for the Prophet PBUH. Because where there is complete love there is complete surrender and obedience.

    There are two basic motivations for doing things – one motivation is love and the other motivation is fear. When you do things out of love all tasks seem simple. When you do things forcibly out of fear the tasks appear difficult. I don’t know about you, but for the lovers of Mustafa PBUH following the sunnah are as simple as singing naats. We enjoy both.

    And sister please mind your language – we do not merely ‘utter some praises’ as you say. We are *impressed* with the Prophet PBUH and the praises come out of the depth of our hearts. It is a spontaneous act arising out of understanding the greatness of the Prophet PBUH. We cannot but help praising him PBUH.

    Muhammad Ibrahim

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  6. Ebrahym Said,

    Just to set the record straight – Sister Nafisa had posted two other comments which I did not approve because they contained same or similar objections and also they contained sentences that were not suitable for a blog like this. Here is one such sentence in her other comments that I disapproved “when you were saying thankyou to the prophet on the grave did you think that he could hear you?”.

    If this was a question, I can answer it. But it sounded like an insult to me and I did not deem this fit to appear on my blog as it could hurt the sensibilities of my readers. Her comments were full of such sentences. I did not want to edit her comments before posting them because that would not be right. Hence I disapproved them totally, just allowing two comments. These comments appear in my posts totally unedited – as she wrote it.

    Sister Nafisa is unhappy about the way things have gone and has issued more comments after my recent post about monkeys. I do not want to turn my blog into a place where people get a chance to spew out venom for the Prophet PBUH. Her comments/posts will not appear here.

    I have nothing personal against her and she is my sister. Nor did I call her a monkey in my post (she seems to think so). The monkey was brought in as an example of an animal who imitates people without rhyme or reason. This was done to illustrate and drive home a point and was not intended to hurt anyone specifically. I was just talking about the general mindset. And I apologize if it has hurt her or any one else. Hurting anyone was not the intention. The intention was to drive home a point which I think was done.

  7. Nazim Said,

    It is not the sister’s fault since this ‘mindset’ was actually created within muslims and huge budgets were allotted for spreading this ‘mindset’ as you call it.

  8. Mumtaz Ali T. Sayyed Said,

    I am more surprised & shocked to see such comments from Muslims. Surprised that they call themselves Muslim even after insulting His most presious creation His Hliness Muhammed (SAW) & shocked because he so called self proclaimed Muslims think they are doing right by making such comments about Huzoor (SAW) & that Naat is just bunch of words near them. These are emotions Madam for our beloved Prophet (SAW) without which “none of Muslim can be a Muslim untill he posses great Love for Muhammed (SAW) more than any thing else in this world.” (As per Hadees).
    How can one be a muslim without love of Muhammed (SAW) & how can one become perfect in his love for Allah without loving his beloved prophet (SAW).
    Allah is Rahmaan & Raheem, He wanted to shower his mercy to us so he sent Muhammed(SAW) to his Mankind. Every act of Huzoor (SAW) is practical Quraan i.e rehmat & therefore Sunnah is mandatory to Muslims just because it is been acted, directed & formulated by Huzoor Muhammed (SAW).
    I suggest Sister to repent to Allah & seek forgiveness for her comments.

  9. Mustafa Said,

    Hello again. Sister nafisa, you may be right when you say that following Nabi Pak’s(SAW) sunnah is the right way to express our love for our beloved Prophet, instead of reading Naats and making movies. I’m sure you must be aware of the incident when once in Masjid Nabawi, the Prophet literally pointed few people and had asked them to leave the mosque. Weren’t those people following the sunnah by keeping long beards? werent they following the sunnah by offering prayers 5 times a day? weren’t they following the sunnah by reading Quran?? They were, but then what was the reason behind this action.
    The reason was that they had everything in them except THE LOVE OF PROPHET(SAW). Because of which Allah told the Prophet SAW to ask those munafiqs to leave the mosque.
    This shows that offering Prayers, reading Quran and growing beards is useless without the Love of Rasool Allah(SAW)
    In the end, few words for Ahl-e-Ishq
    Haath mein tasbeeh baghal mein musalla
    Lab pe jaari Allah Allah
    Kehti hui pohunchi Baitullah
    Aur pukaari aye mere Allah
    Too gada ko jo nawaaze toh shahenshah banay
    Aur yateemon ko jo chahe toh payyambar karde
    (To sadaa parday se aayi)
    Mere parday mein wehdat ke siwa kya hai
    Jo tujhe lena hai lay
    Muhammed ke shaher mein
    Sab to jhuke hain khana-e-kaaba ke saamne
    Kaaba jhuka hua hai, Muhammed ke shaher mein

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  14. Kamran Tabani Said,

    Dear Brother,

    Salam Alay Kum. Someone showed me a link of a short video regarding a villager reciting durood. I must say that video did deliver the message. Highly impressed with not only the making, but also what it tried to enlighten. Nevertheless, may I also articulate that the music in the clip did not have a proper place and neither permitted in our religion.

    After watching the video I came across your blog, reading comments such as “is HE alive” etc. I was very disturbed to see such comments. To my knowledge is following which I would like to share with everyone :-

    [a] If someone needs money, he can beg Allah and if Allah wills, Allah can shower money from the sky as HE is capable of anything. Yet, a person works hard to earn his bread. Likewise, if one is sick, he can beg Allah and if Allah wills, he can be cured of any disease. Yet, a person visits the doctor, believes in the prescribed medicine. My point is, Allah does everything. Without Allah’s will, nothing can happen. However, HE has created those channels through whish HIS blesssings reach us, and the best and greatest channel is HIS beloved sallalahualaihiwasallam. Ya Allah, by virtue of Prophet sallalahualaihiwasallam forgive us. Waseela is stated in Surah Maydah ayat 35.

    [b] In Surah Nisa Ayat 64 Allah says that when a soul has done wrong, they should visit the Prophet sallalahualaihiwasallam and request their Lord to be pardoned and when Prophet sallalahualaihiwasallam recommends on their behalf, thus they will find Allah to be forgiving. Quran and Allah’s instructions are as valid today as it was when sent, hence, it shows the importance of Roza-e-Rasool and assures this to be the place where sins are forgiven. Also one can note if we whole heartedly beg for forgiveness, Prophet sallalahualaihiwasallam would insha Allah intercede on our behalf.

    [c] In Surah Baqara Ayat 154 Allah says those who die in the cause of Allah (shaheed) should not be pronounced “dead” as they are alive. In shariah, there are different types and levels of shaheed, highest being the one who dies fighting for Islam. If this is said for a normal shaheed person, who is an ummatee, then our Master sallalahualaihiwasallam is definitely persent.

    [d] We all know Prophet’s sallalahualaihiwasallam travel to see and meet Allah. History says He sallalahualaihiwasallam lead a prayer which was joined by all Prophets alaihisalam ajmayeen, and after 50 prayers were instructed, Prophet sallalahualaihiwasallam met Prophet Musa alaihisalam. If people claim when someone dies, they really die, then how come all Prophets and particularly Hazrat Musa alaihisalam appeared. Please think.

    Dear Sir, hope above information will help some minds. I am glad I saw your website. I wish you all the best. May Allah and His Messenger sallalahualaihiwasallam be pleased with you.

    Kamran Tabani.

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