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Would you like to be in the company of the noble Prophet? Watch this film to see how…

Posted on Aug 19, 2010 06:20:36 AM

This short film was made by us for Minhaj Welfare Foundation that runs an orphan care home by the name of Aghosh. Aghosh is in the process of adding more capacity and facilities so that it can cater to more number of orphans and provide them with world class facilities. I personally visited their site where construction activity was underway with plans to accommodate 500 more orphans. Shaykh ul Islam, Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has a great vision for orphans of the Ummah, but the project needs co-operation from all of us.

It is a great opportunity for all of us to be a part of the construction activity of the new and expanded orphan care home. Such genuine opportunities come once in a while…Watch this film and do something for the Orphans at Aghosh Orphan Care if you can…

Aghosh short film Part 1:

Aghosh short film Part 2:

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  1. Muhammad Shahzad Said,

    Masha Allah Masha Allah great work , very impressive , through this we can make this world heaven , i appreciate your work sir

  2. mobin Said,

    salam sir this movie is beautiful i saw ur many movies i wana see this movie can u send me the link…the trailer is this New islamic film about naat, ziyarat and visitation of graves.

  3. adnan Said,

    Mashallah,Subna Allah great work, good lesson for all Ummah especially in blessing month Ramadan. May Allah reward you with all Naik work for now and futur.

  4. saqib qureshi Said,

    very weldone job ,realy apresaid you sir ,nice efort for ummah . we need help you in this great project,

  5. naveed Said,

    subahan”Allah beautiful work 🙂

  6. Muslimahk Said,

    If only he had done re-search on the true teachings of Nabi (saw) he would have none the truth,

  7. Qaiser Said,

    Very nice. Simple great. One of the best movies I have seen of yours. Could you also upload if possible, the movie Raanda-e-Dargah, Ishq-e-Hussain and I am sorry mom. Thank you

  8. Ebrahym Said,

    @Qaiser – Thank you for your appreciation. The films that you mention are sponsored by persons who have not given me permission to upload the films online on my channel. But Ishq-e-Hussain is available on the website of the sponsors. You can watch the entire film on or their channel

  9. Ghulam Murtaza Channa Said,

    very nice sir ge malik aap ko aur tufiq aata kare asy kaam kar nay ki hum aap ke liye dua go hai malik aap ki har naik wo jaiz dua pore kare aameen

  10. kashif sultan Said,

    main dil se ap k work ko apreceate karta hoon.assalam u alaika YA RASOOL ALLAH

  11. Shafeeq Said,

    Assalamualikum warahma tullahi wabarakatahu.

    Alhamudlillah. Aap ke videos bohat hi dil ko chu lene wale pegaim ke saath rahete hain.

    Mujhe isme jo salam hai “Salam alika ya rasool salmalika…” behad pasand aaya.

    Ye pura salaam aap is link per dekh aur sun sakte hain.

    Aap ke liye ek salah : In videos mein aurat ki pardagi ka khayaal bilkul nahi ho raha hai.

    Meri aap se adaban guzaarish hai ke aap sab ke “aankhon ke zina ka zariya na bane” aur sab ke gunaah aapne khandoon par na laain.

    Allah hafiz. Assalamu alika ya rasool allah (Sallala hu alaika ya rasoolallah)

  12. muna sarwat Said,

    Dear brother,

    Happened to see your video on face book,now I have seen your video on Aghosh. The lyrics are profound and wonderful,just couldn’t stop myself from watching the second part too.

    Hope you will make such soul searching,profound videos that will truly touch our coming younger generations!

  13. Adil Said,

    very Great work you doing. Extreemly need at this time. THanks alot.

    God bless you always.

    carry on.

  14. Hyder Said,

    This is so wonderful , we all should not forget the teaching of our beloved Prophet . living a life in the light of Prophet is a true happy one . with all that corruption , lies how could we face our holly Prophet soon when we die.

  15. Ali Said,

    Assallamu Allaikum Wa rahmatullah….

    Dear brother !!!!
    i am running short of words to appreciate your efforts ……
    May Allah The merciful give you the reward here and hereafter.
    you are unique in your method to preach the love of our beloved , my eye ball, my heart and soul (MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA AHMAD MUJTABA SALLALLAH ALEH WASALLAM)..
    With such beautiful movies every muslim in particular and every human in general can have a golden chance to charge their heart with ISHQ E NABI SALLALLAH ALEH WASALAM…


  16. M Fakhruddin Hasan Nizami, Hyderabad Deccan Said,

    excellent every body in family and friend love this

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