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Let us celebrate humanity and cherish the greatest creation of all – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Posted on Jul 6, 2009 08:57:12 AM

Some time back I had posted a question to readers across the world as to what they think about Islam minus Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I received many emails in response to this and a few comments too on the blog. Today I would like to discuss one very interesting comment in response to my post.

The reader VbPax commented as follows:

This version of ‘Islam’ (minus the Prophet PBUH) has also strategically removed all ‘human’ elements from the true religion of the Prophet (SAW) equating all human values with shirk and bidah. In their zeal to discredit and disrespect the Prophet (SAW) they have effectively created norms and ideologies that teach disrespect for everything human and that too in the name of Tauheed!!!! This is not the Tauheed taught by the Prophet (SAW)

The so called ‘Islam’ minus Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is inhuman and unfit for humans.

Well said I must say and this comment deserves to be here on a separate post today. What exactly is Tauheed and what is shirk? To understand this we must first understand the basic tenet of Islam of the Prophet (PBUH). This basic tenet is La ilaha illallah, Muhammad ur Rasoolullah.

La ilaha illallah means there is no GOD/deity but Allah. But confused people or rahter people who deliberately want to mislead muslims away from the noble Prophet (PBUH) create a different meaning to this through their behavior and exegesis – There is no human or humanity, just Allah. This is wrong – do not undermine humanity because Allah cannot be compared to humans. There is no GOD besides Allah but there are humans who have to be respected as humans and there are great humans who have to be credited and praised for their role for humanity and then above all there is the greatest creation of all – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to whom we are all indebted. Allah loves this Holy Prophet (PBUH) as can be seen from the Holy Quran.

If the Quran is holy and the ka’aba is holy and the months of Rajab, shaban and Ramadan are holy then the Prophet should be holier because it is he who recited the verses of the Quran to us and told us to treat it to be Allah’s word. It is he who told us the importance of the Ka’aba and taught us the rituals of Umrah and Hajj. He taught us what we knew not.

There is no deity besides Allah SWT but there are humans and relationships, there are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters, friends and friendship, lovers and beloved. All these exist and ‘La ilaha illalah’ in no way negates respect for any of these human values. The Prophet (PBUH) in fact taught us to respect humans and human values. He taught us to love and respect other humans, to forgive other humans.

He forgave those who killed and plundered his own kith and kin and prayed for those who stoned him. He extended his compassion and forgiveness even to the woman who chewed his dear uncle Hamza’s(RA) liver after having Hamza(RA) killed!!! Something that is impossible for anyone – but he did it. And he did such impossible things throughout his life – to teach us to be soft, gentle, kind and loving towards others. He taught us the value of humans. He is the living Quran guiding us through all his words and deeds.

That is why we add Muhammadur Rasollullah in our declaration of faith. We worship only Allah and hold Muhammad in very high esteem just as Allah SWT holds him in very high esteem. To those who try to demean or belittle the Prophet (PBUH) in the name of trying to raise Allah’s name high I can only say that it is they who are committing shirk by equating the created with the creator. To all others I say come let us worship Allah and at the same time celebrate humanity.

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