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How reciting Durood on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cured two young people.

Posted on May 16, 2009 10:08:58 AM

Can Durood cure people of illnesses? Find out in this film.

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  1. nafisa Said,

    by reciting the durood in this film, are you saying the prophet (peace be upon him) cured these two young men or allah? as i got the wrong impression. Remember only allah gives hidayat. . remeber in surah al fatiha the opening surah of the quran, we pray to allah and say ” you alone we worship and YOU ALONE WE ASK FOR HELP”. But in this film its concentrating on the prophet for asking for help. Yet again if the prophet was here would he be telling you to pray durood to cure some one? you must be very cautios in the way you are spreading love for the prophet. You may be thinking that i am belittling the Prophet (peace be upon him) but i am not, i hold the prophet in very high esteem and in the manner that allah want me to respect him. it would be better for you to do videos on how performing various sunnahs of the Prophet (peace be upom him) bring benefit to an individual.

  2. Ebrahym Said,

    Salams sister Nafisa, Why do you compare the Prophet PBUH (the best creation) with Allah SWT (the creator)? Why do try to build a conflict between the two? The Prophet PBUH did cure many people of their physical diseases as well as spiritual ones.

    And I do remember the surah Fatiha revealed to the Prophet PBUH. This film has nothing that contradicts this revelation. The same Quran says that Allah and his angels recite Durood on the Prophet PBUH and asks us to recite durood too.

    Why can’t reciting Durood cure people? By reciting Durood we are obeying Allah SWT and expressing our love for the Prophet PBUH. Allah is pleased with us when we recite Durood because it is he who has asked us to recite Durood and it is he who recites Durood. And when Allah is pleased HE grants us cure and well being and a lot lot more ….

    Thank you for letting me know that it would be better for *me* to do videos on how performing various sunnahs of the Prophet PBUH bring benefit to an individual.

    But sister, that is exactly what I have been showing in my films!!! I promote the sunnah of the Prophet PBUH by promoting the love for him. Where there is love there is following and obedience.

    You will perform sunnah and follow the Prophet PBUH if you are impressed by him and if you love him. Unless you are a monkey, who just copies people without rhyme or reason. Humans need to be inspired and that is what I try to do.

    Muhammad Ibrahim

  3. Are we monkeys? | Said,

    […] out certain things to me via comments on my posts. Her comments and my replies can be read here and here. There were other emails and comments too but I have included only these here. You too can reply to […]

  4. Ebrahym Said,

    Just to set the record straight – Sister Nafisa had posted two other comments which I did not approve because they contained same or similar objections and also they contained sentences that were not suitable for a blog like this. Here is one such sentence in her other comments that I disapproved “when you were saying thankyou to the prophet on the grave did you think that he could hear you?”.

    If this was a question, I can answer it. But it sounded like an insult to me and I did not deem this fit to appear on my blog as it could hurt the sensibilities of my readers. Her comments were full of such sentences. I did not want to edit her comments before posting them because that would not be right. Hence I disapproved them totally, just allowing two comments. These comments appear in my posts totally unedited – as she wrote it.

    Sister Nafisa is unhappy about the way things have gone and has issued more comments after my recent post about monkeys. I do not want to turn my blog into a place where people get a chance to spew out venom for the Prophet PBUH. Her comments/posts will not appear here.

    I have nothing personal against her and she is my sister. Nor did I call her a monkey in my post (she seems to think so). The monkey was brought in as an example of an animal who imitates people without rhyme or reason. This was done to illustrate and drive home a point and was not intended to hurt anyone specifically. I was just talking about the general mindset. And I apologize if it has hurt her or any one else. Hurting anyone was not the intention. The intention was to drive home a point which I think was done.

  5. Sufi Said,

    Totally agree wid ya Ebrahym.

  6. Mustafa Said,

    Brother Ebrahim is absolutely right. The most famous example is Imam Al Busairi (RA), who’s uncurable disease was cured by our beloved Kamli walay Aaqa (SAW). And sister nafisa, for your knowledge, asking Nabi Pak(SAW) for help shouldn’t be doubted since Nabi Pak(SAW) has the Keys of Allah’s treasures.
    Not only Humans came to our beloeved Prophet (may Allah’s blessings be upon Him, his family and companions) for help, even animals, birds came to Him and shared their problems.
    Once a bird came to our beloved Prophet(SAW) and complained about its babies being missing from its nest. After hearing this, our beloved Prophet(SAW) asked his sahaba(RA) as to who has touched the nest. One sahabi came forward and said that he had done it. Our beloved Prophet(SAW) asked that sahabi to keep the baby birds back in to the nest. SubhanAllah
    Asking Allah directly for would work, no doubt about, but asking Allah for help giving a Waseela of Rasool Allah (SAW) would SURELY work.
    Allahuma Salli wa sallim ala Syedina Muhammad wa ala Aalay Muhammad

  7. Abdurrahman Said,

    M a sha Allah….the video of a person who adored Prophet s.a.w. impressed me soo much….thanks bro ibrahim…..i love you for the sake of Allah Almighty…..Shukran

  8. Mazhar Aslam Said,

    I absolutely admired the words of brother Ibrahim that “You will perform sunnah and follow the Prophet PBUH if you are impressed by him and if you love him. Unless you are a monkey, who just copies people without rhyme or reason. Humans need to be inspired and that is what I try to do.”


  9. muqadas Said,

    it is true that we have any kind of cure iby reciting darood pak. so we should recites darood pak in any problem n difficulties of life ……….



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