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Why do some Muslims reject being called a Muhammadi?

Posted on Jun 7, 2010 10:13:06 AM

I receive emails and comments on my site here and even on youtube where some Muslims object to the use of the name “Muhammadi” for Muslims. I just thought this issue needs special discussion and hence I am dedicating this short but brand new post to this issue.

The most common objection is that we should worship Allah alone and calling ourselves a Muhammadi is like worshiping the Prophet.

Real Muslims are Muhammadis so there is no harm in calling ourselves Muhammadis. Being a Muhammadi does not mean that we worship Muhammad Sallallaho alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam. We worship Allah but we are not known as Allahis. So Muhammadi is not an indication of worship.

Being a Muhammadi means that we take everything from him – our religion, our way of life, our way of treatment of the dead, the holy Quran, our way of praying – everything!!! We do not worship him but we love him and unconditionally accept what he says…

Real Muslims can be known by many names – “The virtuous ones”, “The Pious ones”, “The Truthful ones”, “The Honest ones”, “The Compassionate ones”, “The Kind ones”, “The Faithful ones”, “The Brave ones”, “The Righteous ones”, “The Just ones” and so on…. But the one name that encompasses all these attributes and much more is “The Muhammadi”…

If I had called muslims as “The pious ones” no Muslim would have objected but it is surprising and sad to see Muslims objecting to being called “Muhammadi” This is the result of the severe brainwashing carried out on Muslims to remove the love of the Prophet from their hearts. Think about it…

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  1. Faizan Said,

    Very well said… It is sad that being called Pious is not objectionable. but being called followers of the one who taught us piety is objectionable. He was truthful and taught us honesty and piety and so many other things. We are not yet fit to be called pious but we don’t mind taking that compliment but we reject the real compliment of being called Muhammadi.

    I am proud to be a Muhammadi…. I am thankful to be a Muhammadi…

  2. Mazhar Aslam Said,

    I am fully agree with Brother Ibraheem that there is no harm to calling ourselves as Muhammadi, although, We called ourselves Muhammadi because our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is everything for us.

  3. L1Werd Said,

    Those who are not Muhammadi will not want to use it for themselves. I think Der are many Muslims who are not Muhammadis yet… Dey hv not understood who Muhammad really is…

  4. Global Peace Maker Said,


    Masha Allah my brother , you and all of your team is doing a great Job which is not seen anyother platform like yours style, These Movies are for educating and aware lots of people and kids, Brother, DONT WORY TO THOSE who are finding wrongs in your work, they should stop they daily unislamic things by the media, films, dramas, if they get success to stop unislamic things from the society then they can come to you. Otherwise they are playing the role of those who do not see Peace on this Earth,
    May Allah give us the love of His Beloved, and May he always keep us busy in Good deeds with Eman,
    Nawabzada Ghulam Mustafa
    Global Peace Maker

  5. Jawad Said,

    Assalamualaikum everyone

    the only objection I have to call oneself muhammadi is whether the Prophet SAW told us to call us that. He SAW said if anyone asks you who are you ? you should reply I am a muslim.

    did sahaba ra used to call themselves that ? if not then do we have a better understanding than them ?
    BTW love your work
    Ma Salama

  6. Ghulam Husaain Said,

    Asalam O alaikum

    Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

    Mashahallah very nice effort to bring muslims united under the Love umbrella of Our Beloved Prophet S.A.W.

    I have read a Hadees in a Mousque beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim said meaning
    Iman will not be completed until one will not love ME Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim even more then mother and Father ( Parents ) .

    Our Imaan is incomplete with the love of Muhammad Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim

    MAy Allah Guide us all and give us more love of Prophet Muhammad Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim Ameen .


  7. Sunni Said,

    Aslam wa Alikum.
    I am not agree to be called some one muslim as Muhammadi.
    I can understand what is your aim and every body can understand.
    This will make difference between muslims.
    If you are spending your life on islam way, you must follow sunnah of our prophet muhammad(SAW) Also Ahadees and if you are doing every body can say you are sunni or Ahlesunnat.
    Now i am just explaining in urdu language.
    Sunnah Ka Matlab Hazoor Pak (SAW) Ka Amal to Sunnah Aik Amal hye agar snnah per amal kia to sunni kahlaya.
    Baat Jhagrey ki nhee Sirf Smajhanye ki hye.
    App Sari dunya ghoom loo koi muslman nhee milye ga jo apnye name muhammadi ya ahmadi likhta hoo. App ko Jo bhi milye ga Mehboob Ahmad Milye ga, Muhammad illyas milye ga, Muhammad Shahid Milye ga, Basheer Ahmed Milye Ga, Gulaam Rasool Milye Ga, Nabi Bakhsh Milye Ga. koi apna name muhammad nhee likhta rasool nhee likhta nabi nhee likhta to phir muhammadi ya ahmadi ka swal hi peda nhee hota.
    Haan ghustakhey Rasool(SAW) Banna Chahtye hoo to Yeh App ki Apni Zaat kye sath dhokha hye Kisi Dosry Ka Imaan To kharab Na Karoo.
    Sub ko pta hye kye Nam-e Mustafa (SAW) Hum Muslamno kye lye Afazal hye or Allah Ko Sub Sye Pyara Hye.
    Abo Jahal ko app bohat achi tarha jantye hoon gye is tarha kye kam wohi kia kertey they app kye name ko bigar ker bolna un ka tareqa tha. Hum sachy muslmano kye lye to App (SAW) Ka Name to bara Qable Izzat hye Muhtram hye to phir hum kion is name ki toheen ker key jahanmi hoon.
    Phir Bta doon Sunnat App(SAW) ka name nhee app(SAW) ka amal hye Lakin Muhammad App (SAW) Ka Name Hye Khuda kye lye is name ki toheen na karoo.
    Meri Dua hye Allah App Ko Hidyat Dye. Ameen

  8. Aijaz Said,

    I feel proud to be called a Muhammadi. It reminds me that I am muslim because of Rasool Allah(Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam) and the countless blessings that I have in my life is due to him. When I am happy, its a blessing. When I am going through tough phase in my life, its a blessing of Allah as Allah(SWT) will remove my gunaah in akhirat. So my being in trouble, or unhealthy etc is also a blessing by Allah because I am an ummati of Rasool Allah Sayyidina Muhammad(Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam) . No other ummat (of other prophets) was given such blessings.

    We have special status among ummati (of all prophets) because we are the ummati of Rasool Allah Sayyidina Muhammad(Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam).

    Allah has given the ummat of Rasool Allah Sayyidina Muhammad(Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam) special nights like Shab-e-qadar, shab-e-meraj,shab-e-meraj and special months like Ramadan. Special days like 10th Moharram. The significance of these special days and nights is that Allah(SWT) increases the amal upto 1000 times. This special gift is given only to the ummat of Rasool Allah Sayyidina Muhammad(Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam). I cant thank Rasool Allah Sayyidina Muhammad(Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam) for these gifts from Allah(SWT).

    The least I can do is show my love to him by reciting Salatu Wassalam.

    Only ungrateful people can object to being called Muhammadi.

  9. Muhammad Ahmed Said,


    Quran and Prophet Muhammad PBUH give us a name and it is “Muslim”, Then why not we follow the real name of ours? The name which is used by Prophet Muhammad PBUH every time and the Quran many time.


  10. Ebrahym Said,

    Sure we can and we do call ourselves Muslims. Nobody said we cant. Its just that some people say we cannot use the word Muhammadi. And that is what I am against. Why not proudly call ourselves Muhammadis too. Just as we call ourselves by so many other virtues like handsome, pious, honest, truthful. Why not all this put together “Muhammadi”?

  11. Muhammad Ahmed Said,

    I am not against at all to called Muhammadi to a Muslim, But a person is always known as by his original name, and that is Muslim.

  12. Ebrahym Said,

    I see Muhammadi more as an attribute of a person rather than a mere name. That’s where we differ in opinion I guess. 🙂

  13. Muhammad Ahmed Said,

    Yeah you are right more people more opinion

    but i was trying to tell you the ans of “Why do some Muslims reject being called a Muhammadi?”


  14. Muslimah Said,

    Originally the Christians and the Jews weren’t being called those names before time. Christ and Judah didn’t come up with the religion they followed, God gave them that religion. Why should they claim this religion when it’s not something they own. To my understanding, people ( the Europeans I suppose) came up with these names as to classify and differentiated these groups. Just like when scientists discover a new species, they name them after the founder, yet they themselves had nothing to do with making these species. It was just to classify them and recognize them when you use those names. Such as dog,cat, lizard,etc. Why should we be subjected to a name that some kuffar made for us. A kuffar who wants to change us and make us a page in the newspaper. Allah (the exalted) himself, the one who we are subjected to , has made a name for us. Muhammad(saw) has said himself that he is just a man. Many of you have witnessed how Hindus worship people from prior generations. Where do you think that idea came from? It came from people admiring their ancestors so much and giving them all the credit that they later started worshipping them. Remember all good comes from Allah. He gave us this religion. We worship Him and thank and praise Him, not Muhammad (saw). He is merely a man that has piety and perfect character for a human, but even he is not better than Allah. Don’t let the shaytan fool you into thinking that we need to give him more credit and name ourselves after him. This is an innovation and all innovation is in the Fire. Muhammad (Saw) called himself a Muslim.
    If you want to follow him, why are you doing otherwise?

    And strive for Allah with the endeavour which is His right. He hath chosen you and hath not laid upon you in religion any hardship; the faith of your father Abraham (is yours). He hath named you Muslims of old time and in this (Scripture), that the messenger may be a witness against you, and that ye may be witnesses against mankind. So establish worship, pay the poor-due, and hold fast to Allah. He is your Protecting friend. A blessed Patron and a blessed Helper! (78)

    Quran Chapter 22, Verse 78

  15. Sheraz Said,

    The truth is this concept of taking the the name of a messenger as an identity to follow was something that the Christians also did, and its clear from that over time the real message of Islam was Distorted and hence we have the emergence of ‘Christianity’ in it’s current form today were the father, the son and the holy ghost is part of one the ‘Trinity’ which includes the worship of Jesus (pbuh). This may seem like a pretty new trend to adopt to and may make you feel elevated for now, it is just matter of time when the next generation will be distant from the real knowledge of Islam and will innovate this concept further to include the messenger(saw) as a mean s of worship along allah (swt), and hence associate a partner with Allah (swt) – commiting the greater Shirk. As the prophet Muahmmed (saw) warned us in a authentic hadith ‘Every innovation (newly invented matter)in this religion is in the hell fire (Sahih Bukhari).

    Unless you are not believers of Imam Bukhari’s Authentic Hadeeth and take it as Authentic Sunnah from the Prophet Muhammed (saw) and therefore you label yourself ‘Muhammadi’ so that you can unite muslims of varied backgrounds under the banner of Muhammed rather than Islam or Sunnah itself. hence, conecaling your real identity as a Shia, Ismaili, ahmedi, Soofi etc.. Reality is, no matter how much you try to unite muslims, the inherit differences will always exist unless they seek the true knowledege of Islam from the Quran and Authentic Hadeths’s of the Prophet (saw) and put them in practice.

    Attempting to learn the language of the Quran and understand the true message of the Quran and Sunnah requires Muslims to be more patient and steadfast and True to them selves, which unfortunatley the majority of muslims are so pre-occupied with chasing worldy desires and using the religion as a ‘placebo’ quick fix solution, that they have lost the essence and real beauty of the religion due to this lack of knowledege and understanding. And this is why they seem to latch on to such dubious methods of promoting elements of a version of modern day islam through movies and dramas about Karbala which cannot be verified or authenticated or even associated to the real message of the Prophet (saw) or the way the sahabah communicated the message to generations after them. And this why we should back to the real message of Islam and refer to ourselves as MUSLIMS because thats what Muahmmed (saw) and his companions were and reffered each other as MUSLIMS NOT MUHAMMADI.

    In fact, the propehet (saw) even warned us ‘ to not take our messengers as a means of worship as the jew and christains beefore did’. This is also mentioned in the Quran and should be verified by each and every one of us before we decide to follow this concept and distort our identity as ‘muslim’ (which the prophet (saw) gave us) and become slaves once again to the imperial western pressure to reform ourselves to fit into their model of ‘perfect society’.

    Lets not fall victims of modern day political reforms, religious reforms or societal reform, sectarian reforms which have already damaged our identity as ‘muslims’ (esp in pakistan) so much so that we are now having to distinguish ourselves from the the label of muslim and adopt just like the christians before the label of ‘Muhammadi. This religion was not spread on shallow whims and desires, rather on the basis of a deepre understanding and reflection of the true message of the Quran via Muhammed (saw) ‘Sunnah’.

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