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Why do we offer Namaz/Salat? Behind the scenes of my new film “The Witness”

Posted on May 29, 2010 07:44:32 PM

When I was given the mandate to make a film on Namaz and Azaab-e-Qabr I was really scared… I was scared because I did not want to make a typical film that just shows punishment in the grave. Such films were already there online and the challenge was to stay away from that and come up with something different.

After many sleepless nights and numerous brainstorming sessions with our creative team we decided to focus on the question “why namaz?”

During our sessions we stumbled upon the startling fact that most of us did not really know why we prayed namaz in Arabic and not in Urdu or English. After that we conducted a small survey and realized that this was a question to which very few had any answer at all.

The most common answer was that we offer namaz in Arabic because we recite the Quran in our Namaz. Since the Quran is in Arabic we offer our salat (Namaz) also in Arabic.

But why do we recite the Quran in our Namaz? Can we not offer Namaz in our language without reciting the Quran in our Namaz? Nobody seemed to know….

After this small survey we decided that we must focus on the reason for praying, in addition to showing the punishment for not praying.

It was time to ask blunt questions and try to get to the root cause for all our religious offerings.

In the film we decided to treat Namaz as a witness and a symbol that differentiates a Muhammadi from a non-Muhammadi.

Another challenge was to justify the extreme punishment shown in the film. Without proper justification there was a risk of the punishment starting to look “over done” or even “cruel”…

We justified the punishment by showing audiences the link between Namaz and Aqeeda (Ideology) rather than treating it as a simple act of worship. We justified the punishment by making Salat a test of our love for Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam.

Did we succeed? This is something that we need you to tell us after you watch the film. The film is to be released tonight in the UK and elsewhere and will be available on DVDs and even online soon… Keep coming back or subscribe to this site to know when we release the film on our site… The trailer is already online.

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  1. Umair Said,

    I was greatly inspired by “WITNESS’.The way you have presented the message it was awsome.
    But in the beginning of the film,there was back ground recitation of KALAM MIAN MUHAMMD BAKSH.May I please know whose voice was that?I have been searching it but could not find that version.

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