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Film on Namaz and the punishment of the grave.

Posted on May 11, 2010 06:33:54 PM

The witness. A film on namaz and punishment of the grave

After the huge success of his earlier film (Aik Mauqa), brother Zamir Afzal has once again sponsored a film that reminds us of that stage which we have not yet seen or understood fully. Death is a fact but it is so strange that we need to be reminded about it. Death is a reality that nobody can deny. Brother Zamir gave me the topic for this film – “Namaz and Adhaab-e-Qabr”.

He wanted to remind us all about the reality of death and about our salah/namaz before it is too late. He wanted to use the audiovisual medium of film to do this emotionally and effectively. He wanted the film to be a stark and dark reminder about the consequences of ignoring namaz. We then took his vision and tried to transform his vision into a film that can be watched, enjoyed and remembered by audiences for a long time to come. The film is now almost complete and we have named it “The Witness” or “Gawah” in urdu. It is an urdu language film with subtitles in English.

The film is almost done and the trailer will be launched here soon. After the official launch by brother Zamir, I will be posting the video on my youtube channel and on my website too.

Our creative team has packaged brother Zamir’s vision into an interesting story about a couple who disagree on ideologies. The husband is a TV anchor person and has a lot of female fans. The wife starts seeing things and persons in her house. Is it her imagination? Is it her jealousy? Or is she suffering from a mental illness like her mother?

Watch this film to find out. Subscribe to this site by entering your email in the subscribe box on this site and stay tuned for updates about the film launch. Please also remember to confirm your subscription when you receive a confirmation email. There are hundreds of subscribers who do not get updates in their mail box just because they did not confirm their subscription when they get the confirmation email. We hate spam and will not send you any unsolicited emails till you confirm your subscription by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email.

The picture in this post is a poster that we designed for brother Zamir Afzal who is planning a massive campaign and distribution of this film on broadcast TV and DVDs. We have plans to distribute “The Witness” in film festivals too. Brother Zamir’s vision is to get this film the widest audience possible and he is going all out to make this possible.

May Allah bless him and other brothers and sisters who participated in this grand project. Please pray for the successful launch and distribution of this film and also for all those who took part in this film. Remember me in your prayers too.

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  1. Amir Said,

    How can I get a DVD copy of this?

  2. Ebrahym Said,

    You can contact Mr. Zamir Afzal, the main sponsor of this film via his website and enquire about the DVD. He is distributing free DVDs in the UK…

  3. Mr Ali Said,

    what is the name of the naat which is played throught the film?

  4. Ebrahym Said,

    @Brother Ali – You can visit the website of the main sponsor of the film brother Zamir Afzal. His website is where you can register and download naats used in the film (and even other naats too)

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  6. IQRAH Said,


  7. Ayesha Said,

    Aslam o alaikum,

    I have tried to open the ite which you have mentioned ”” but could not access. I want to get dvd and moreover i also wan to watch the full movie. Can you please tell mw how to access it?

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