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Who is a Muhammadi?

Posted on Apr 22, 2010 10:05:20 PM

I was interacting with someone today on chat and was asked ‘who is a Muhammadi?’ Like most questions this question too can open up several avenues of discussion. I know what he meant and I told him what I thought…

A Muslim is supposed to love the Prophet and follow him.
A Muhammadi is a Muslim who does what he is supposed to do.

I am sure you might have other answers too. Please leave your answers in the comments section below.

Every now and then there are some people who object to the name “Ghulam Rasool” in my films. Ghulam Rasool literally means “The slave of the Prophet”. They think this is incorrect because we are slaves of Allah and not slaves of the Prophet. “This is Shirk” they cry… So typical of the idiotic mindset brainwashed over and over and trained to jump up and cry “SHIRK” any time we express our bond with the Prophet. They start quoting some irrelevant Ayats of the Quran while forgetting that Allah has asked us to be slaves of the Prophet in the Quran.

They also say that it is debasing to be someone’s slave… I can only share this couplet in response:

Kissi ki Kya majal thi jo koi Hum ko khareed sakta
Hum tou khud he Bik gaye kharidaar dekh kar …….!!

No one could have ever bought me
But i sold myself when I saw who the buyer was…..!!

Allahumma Salle Ala MuhammadinwWa Aale Muhammad….

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  1. Syeda Said,

    Your answer was MashAllah very appropriate!.. especially I loved the couplet! May Allah increase our love for the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and give us taufeeq to be a true MUHAMMADI!

  2. Zamir Said,

    Well put brother ibrahim!!!

    Could not have said it any better..

  3. Mumtaz Ali T. Sayyed Said,

    Your reply is very honest. Muhammedi is the one who loves Muhammed (SAWS) in all aspect.
    No one can be a muslim unless & untill he/she posses true love for Muhammed much more than self, parents, relatives, kids, & all other pleasurly things.

  4. Mumtaz Ali T. Sayyed Said,

    Muhammed hai mata-e-aalam-e-eijaad se pyara
    Pidar, madar, biradar, maal wa jaan aulaad se pyara

    Muhammed ki muhabbat deen-e-haque ki shart-e-awwal hai
    isi me ho agar khaami to sab kuch naa mukammal hai.

  5. Muhammad Suleman Said,

    I Glad to see that Muslim Sister and brother are discussing this topic, i think “Muhammdi” who act and follow as advised by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWS)

  6. Qurban Khan Said,

    Newly born baby is innocent and given a name by his/her parents. Later he/she becomes a scholar, illiterate, doctor, dacoit, or any personality. No need to go after the meaning. I think we cannot find word, Muhammadi” in Qamus; Arabic Language Dictionary. What dictionary would you refer to? Maybe you are narrating your Sifat (Alhamdulillah) and relating to the meaning of your name.
    The title photo of your movie is very unrealistic and dreadful. Mostly, our Muslim women, Children and even men are soft hearted and will throw your DVD or CD out of the window. Photo is dreadful. Did you bring these insects, Scorpios crawling on man’s face from the grave or Jahannam.
    We are advised to do preach with ” Moizah wal Hasanah”.


  7. Ebrahym Said,

    @Qurban Khan Sb. Muhammadi is not a name, and it was never used in any of my films as a name. “Ghulam Rasool” is a name and is used in my films. This name reflects the parents’ desire for their child to be a follower of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam. A good and beautiful name is the right of every child and what better name than a name in which there is remembrance of the Prophet… When parents name their child “Ghulam Rasool” they will try to bring him up that way too… and even pray that their child turns out to be worthy of such a name.

    Your second point about the title of “The Witness” being scary – “The Witness” is now released and you can watch it online on my site and on youtube. It does show punishment for Gustaakhaane Rasool but real Muslims have nothing to be afraid of. Only people who are disrespectful towards the Prophet need to be worried and disturbed. If you see the film you will notice that we have balanced the bad with the good…. So we are preaching with “Moizah wal Hasanah” – Warning people by showing them the bad end for bad deeds is “Moizah wal Hasanah”

    Another small thing…. This film is a super duper hit with Muslim men and women… I get numerous requests for DVDs and numerous good wishes and compliments for this film. So I guess you are wrong to assume that people will throw the film out of the window….

  8. Ajmal Zulmanan Said,

    First of all let me congradulate you on the good deeds you are doing and may Allah bless you in this life and the hereafter. Ameen.
    But I don’t agree with us muslims being called Mohammadi. Yes, we should follow in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad(Sallallahualiehiwasallam) and follow his sunnah to the letter. He was the greatest person that has ever lived in the whole wide world. But he was a Prophet of Allah and Allah alone is to be worshipped. Prophet Mohammad(Sallallahualiehiwasallam) was the living example of the Qur’aan.
    May grant us that all muslims over the world follow the beloved Prophet’s(Sallallahualiehiwasallam) sunnah and not worship him.
    I do apologise if I my comments have made you uncomfortable.
    Jazak Allah khair.

  9. Ebrahym Said,

    @Brother Ajmal Zulmanan Thank you for your feedback. I have dedicated an entire post to answer this question that is raised quite a few times here on my site and even on my youtube channel. Here is the link to the post that attempts to answer this objection. Please feel free to continue this discussion via comments on that post.

  10. Aijaz Said,

    Mashallah very good post.

    I am proud to be called Muhammadi. Huzoor (Sallal Lahu Alaihi wasallam) ki ghulami karne mein sharm kaisi???

    Huzoor (Sallal Lahu Alaihi wasallam) ka sirf naam hum aashiqon ke liye koi haseen naghme se kam nahin, aur agar koi humein mukhatib kare Huzoor (Sallal Lahu Alaihi wasallam) ke naam se, to aur kya chahiye AASHIQON KO.

  11. syed alisher rizvi Said,

    such jo such k sath h wo khuda sath h khuda k liy such ka sath den

  12. red Said,

    Assalalmlaikum. the word muhammadi, what language is this word found in???

  13. Ebrahym Said,

    @red – Many languages including English… What would you call a person from Pakistan in English? – Pakistani
    Similarly what would you call a follower and adorer of Prophet Muhammad?

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