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Don’t say thank you. It is shirk.

Posted on Apr 26, 2009 11:39:59 PM

Photograph of Masjid e Nabawi - taken with my mobile phone
I am a film director/producer and whenever my production goes on air I spontaneously phone people who financed the production as well as the key people who helped me in the production to thank them. I also remember the day I completed my studies, I went to my parents and kissed their hands and wept in gratitude for having given me the opportunity to learn and do what I wanted to do. This is what I was taught by my great teacher Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). To be indebted and to thank people who have helped me in any way.

There is another great debt on me of the person who sacrificed all that he had so that I may be liberated and happy. He smiled and continued his mission while people stoned him and forced him out of his town. He taught me what I did not know and worked tirelessly to establish a system that my family runs on today. He taught me to respect my elders and treat others with kindness.

My parents, myself, my wife and child all felt greatly indebted to that great man and hence we all decided to travel to Medina to thank him. When that day came and I was in front of the resting place of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Medina, tears rolled down my cheek and I spontaneously reached out to touch the grille, I was rebuked by a guard standing there. Not wanting to argue with anyone at that wonderful moment, I stood there and raised my hands to ask Allah (SWT) to bless the Prophet (PBUH). I told Allah (SWT) that I was unable thank the Prophet (PBUH) enough and only Allah (SWT) could give him the reward for all that he done for us. Once again a guard rebuked me and said that it was shirk (Polytheism). I wondered how a thank you can constitute polytheism. But again I didn’t want voices to be raised at that holy place so I just smiled. This enraged the man further and I was literally escorted away after he called another guard. I don’t know what such ill tempered and ill mannered people were doing near the man who taught nothing but peace. However I had learnt to forgive and forget.

After that incident we all visited the resting place of the Prophet many times, sneaking in a quick thank you without attracting attention of the guards present there. I got the opportunity to stand in front of the rauza of the man who means so much to more than a billion people worldwide. The man changed the world so much that it is difficult to imagine how the world functioned before him. I took some pictures of the mosque too with my mobile – one of which you can see in this post.

Another way to thank Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is to recite Durood or in other words send blessings on him. Watch this short film to see what Durood really is. This is yet another film from our short film series Durood.

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  3. Mumtaz Ali T. Sayyed Said,

    As-salat-owassalam-o Alayka Ya Rasool Allah (SAWS)
    There is no Islam without Jaan-e-Alam Muhammad ur Rasool Allah (SAWS)
    A muslim is not a muslim usntill he holds true & extreme love for Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).
    His love is only the means of portraying Love to Allah.
    Allah has sent him as Rahmat (peace) to whole world & many wolrds like this ( Rahmat-ul-lil-Aalameen)
    If there is every thing but no love for him then every thing is waste, if there is nothing but his Love then there is every thing.
    Angels were sufficeint for Allah’s Prayers, we are bornt for Love of Muhammed (SAWS) Every good deed or prayer holds value with his love.

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  5. Ali Said,

    Aslamu aleekum
    Thank you for sharing the great information.I am a member of Minhaj ul Quran,our qaid Dr Tahir ul Qadri taught us love and respect Holy Prophet saw. please visit our website or

    Allah bless you for your work

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  7. nafisa Said,

    when you were saying thankyou to the prophet on the grave did you think that he could hear you? we only go the graves to remind us this will be our end to. the prophet (peace be upon him) said follow my way and the way of my rightly-guided and rightly-guiding successors. Hold firm to that way, cling to it with your teeth.
    you will not find one single hadith where the companions (may allah be pleased with them) went and said thank you to prophet on his grave, do you not think that the companions (may allah be pleased with them) were more grateful to the prophet than you and the rest of the entire umman? do you not believe that they had more love for the Prophet? is not touching and kissing the grave of the Prophet bidah as the prophet never informed us to do this and neither will you find his companions (may allah be pleased with them) doing this in any hadith. remeber to cling to the sunnah with your teeth and as other additon is a bidah.
    the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the worst of all affairs are the newly invented matters (in the religion)” [Sahih Muslim]. hence kissing and touching the grave is a newly invented matter.
    “…my Ummah will be fragmented into seventy-three sects. All of them will be in Hell Fire except one sect. They (the Companions) said: Allah’s Messenger, which is that? Whereupon he said: It is one to which I and my companions belong.” [At- Tirmidhi]
    Shaitan has trapped many Muslims in the evil of Bida’ah and it is beloved to him. when a person does a Bida’ah he does it with an intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure thus he does not view his action to be a sin. So if he does not view his Bida’ah as a sin there is no possible way for him to repent.
    Every time we do an action we have to check if our Intention is purely for the sake of Allah and to see if that action is in accordance to the Sunnah of Muhammad. may allah guide you and protect you from the whispers of shatan.

  8. Qaiser Said,

    Thank you sharing your experience. Once Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri sahab said that it is good that Allah has appointed such stone hearted people on Nabi Pak’s(SAW) Rawza..because if the Rawza Mubarak was in Pakistan, the grill would break every other day since pakistanis would want to kiss it and touch it 🙂 There is always a wisdom in what Allah’s does.

    Salam ae Aamina ke laal, ae Mehboob-e-Subhani
    Salam ae Fakhr-e-Mojudaat, ae fakhr-e-No-e-Insaani
    Salam us par ke jis ne bekason ki dastageeri ki
    Salam us par ke jis ne baadshahi mai faqeeri ki

    Assalato Wassalamu Alaiyka ya Syedi Ya RasoolAllah
    Wa ala Aalika wa As habika Syedi Ya HabibAllah

  9. Wali Said,

    Why do we find only people of Pakistan or India trying to touch or kiss the tomb of the prophet? Is it because of the influence of the hindus on the subcontinent? The people at the Rauza e Rasool are just trying to prevent hindu religion getting into Islam.

  10. Ebrahym Said,

    What’s kissing and touching got to do with hinduism? Hindus eat food, so will you stop eating food? And anyways kissing and touching are universal ways of expressing one’s love and fondness for someone. We can see this mode of expression in the west and the east and even in the middle eastern arabs!!!

    Do you embrace hinduism when you kiss your child? Or maybe you have become a ruthless and inhuman person and you no longer kiss and touch your child? This is what this idiotic ideology is trying to do to us muslims – this so called ‘Islam’ minus Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a ruthless ideology. This ideology attempts to connect all human values with shirk or hinduism or kufr.

    Maybe the Pakistanis and Indians are more expressive but I have seen Americans, Europeans, far east asians, turks, iranians, arabs and others trying to sneak in a kiss or a touch at the Roza-e-Mubarak. Some people are more reserved than others and have more inhibitions than others but this definitely has nothing to do with hinduism.

    All this has to do with is the intensity of love and the expression of that love. People who try to prevent others from kissing and touching things connected to their beloved are actually expressing their own dark feelings for that great man who gave us so much. HE is islam you nincompoops.

  11. Qaiser Said,

    Anyway, Ka’aba was declared qibla only when RasoolAllah (SAW) asked Allah for it. Even Ka’aba would surely be thankful to Prophet Muhammad SAW, then why shouldn’t we.

    “Indeed We see the turning of your [Prophet Mohammed’s (SAW)] face to heaven, so We shall surely turn you to a Qiblah which you shall like; turn then your face towards the Sacred Mosque …” Quran (2:144)

    Jin ke sajday ko Mehrab-e-Ka’aba jhukay
    Un Bhawon ki lataafat pai laakho salam
    Mustafa Jaan-e-Rehmat pai laakho salam

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  16. Haider Bilgrami Said,

    Wali mian please dont tell me that you dont hug your parents, your children and your loved ones, because if you do it then according to your logic, it is hinduism and should not be done.
    What about that person and that personality who is far more than your parents and your children and your loved one’s what do you do then……See
    The simplist form of showing ones emotion and expressing them is to hug someone, if people are devoid of such expressions, one only would feel so sorry for them.
    Now go out an Hug your mother and see how it feels, yes it feels so very good and rewarding, justt try once, maybe we forgot what all she did for us, its time to say Thank you and we love you our dearest mom.

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  18. Rabiya Said,

    JAZAK ALLAH brother. May ALLAH PAK bless you and your family and our whole nation.

  19. da-iman Said,

    Salams all my muslim brothers,

    I am at the beginning of my true journey searching for the truth. In all humility and humbleness would like to share some of what I have read from Harun Yahya’s writings (invite your opinions and views on his literature, etc).

    The soul, the gift from Him is where we experience these sensations of feelings/emotions such as love, happiness, sadness, anger, etc. The soul is characterized to respond to “impressions”, which in turn are the interpretations of the material world through our 5 physical body senses. We experience all these things in a one cubic centimeter cell in our brain. We lead our lives without ever leaving that ‘cell’….

    That is more or less what I have so far managed to understand, comprehend and feel at peace with. I am not here. You are not here. We are with Him.

    When (your soul) leaps to your throat (at death)
    And you are at that moment looking on.
    We are nearer him than you but you cannot see. (Surat al-Waqi’ah: 83-85)

    In another verse, it is said:
    When My servants ask you about Me, tell them I am indeed close
    (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on
    Me. They should therefore respond to Me and believe in Me so
    that hopefully they will be rightly guided. (Surat al-Baqara: 186)

    Would like to read any replies. Thank you and peace be with you.


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