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Why are they impressed?

Posted on Mar 7, 2010 09:48:35 PM

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This Rabi ul Awwal I took out my still camera and went out on the streets on the day when happiness and celebrations encompass the world. The day of Eid Milad un Nabi Sallallaho Alayhe Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam.

People of all ages were out there on the streets dressed up as nicely as they could. Singing naats and waving flags. Praising the creator and Praising the best among creation.

I wondered as I clicked. Why are so many people literally run over by euphoria?

Each person has his or her own reason to be impressed by the Prophet. What is your reason? Do let me know by emailing me on or by adding your comments in the comments section.
Do also let me know what you think of the pictures above. Was I able to capture the gaiety and the mood of that day? Not fully I think…

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  1. naveed Said,

    my reason is love, his unconditional love for each and every being in this universe Aqa SAAW love towards us and the rest of the human kind is what impresses me alot 🙂 Mashallah meray Aqqa tu khud hi Mohabat hain on ki kia shaan 🙂

  2. naveed Said,

    and brother these photographs bring tears to my eyes 🙂 they are very very nice Mashallah

    may Allah bless you amen

  3. Syeda Said,

    The photogrphs are very good and I appreciate your spirit and love with which you took them and decided to share with us!… there really are many many reasons for our love for the Holy Prophet Aaqa ‘Alaihi Salat-o-Wasalaam.. the biggest reason is of course his Ikhlaaq and Character and His being Rahmat-ul-lil-Alameen.. And the second that i want to tlk about right now is the comprehensiveness of his teachings.. Aaqa ‘Alaihi Salat-o-Wasalaam taught us the right code of conduct in every sphere of our life. His teachings wil tell us how to lead our private life, then social life, then national life as a citizan and then international life as a nation uptil the establishment of WORLD PEACE!.. then his teachings and love are so importnat in our lives that Rab-ul-Aalameen has him as his BELOVED and says in the Quran that if you love Allah, follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), Allah will start loving you! (not the exact translation!)… so his love will lead us to our ultimate aim i.e. getting the love of Allah for ourselves!..

  4. AMuslim Said,

    Due to Sadqa of Huzoor Alihis Salam, Allah has Blessed this Ummat in such a great way from the past Ummahs that one falls in love to the personality who has done so much for us and due to whos mercy, we have been Graced by Allah Almighty.

    If one reads through the books of Seerah one can get the details about the qualities and Blessings given to this Ummat with comparison to others.

    Also the love of Prophet Alihis Salam towards his Ummat has been so much. He took hardships so we can stay in ease, always prayed & got worried for Ummatis, finally his Shafaat on Qiyamah is for the sinners amongst the Ummat… how can we ever thank him for all his mercies.

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